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Golpo | Stories From Around the World

Golpo is the Bengali word for stories. It is a curious little word, both a verb and a noun at the same time. As a child Rituparna would insist on two stories and two songs every night. She would pretend to go off to sleep testing her parents to see if they'd finish the story they started to tell. When her grandmother told her stories she would kick her legs in the air fighting sleep before it wrapped her in.

Golpo, the joy of oral storytelling returned to Rituparna's life as a mother. From a visual storyteller she discovered the magic of the spoken word all over again. Now a Performance Storyteller, Trainer, Consultant & Coach Rituparna is the Founder of Your Story Bag.

Rituparna believes that stories bridge people & telling stories creates a shared experience. So whether you listen to these stories in the classroom, boardroom or living room, each of these stories will trigger conversations amongst people. Go ahead & try it out...

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Season 2 | Ep 1 | Chelm Justice - A Jewish Folktale
Show Details9min 3s
How Iron was Made | English
Show Details6min 28s
Bamboo Curry | English
Show Details4min 8s
Dumma Dumma | English
Show Details5min 5s
The Fox & The Tiger | English
Show Details4min 8s
Due Paakhi, Dui Pahad | Bangla
Show Details5min 4s
Bada Pahad Chota Pahad | Hindi
Show Details5min 6s
The Boy Who Wanted a Drum | English
Show Details5min 49s
Bidyut aar Baaj | Bangla
Show Details4min 6s
Find Your Destiny | English
Show Details4min 37s
Lej Kaata Khorgosh | Bangla
Show Details4min 47s
The Battle of the Crabs | English
Show Details4min 40s
Ek, Dui, Teen | Bangla
Show Details4min 43s
The Sun, The Frost, The Wind | English
Show Details3min 57s
The Rabbits & The Elephants | English
Show Details5min 15s
The Smell of Bread | English
Show Details5min 59s
The Storytelling Stone | English
Show Details8min 12s
Gandharva Sen Maara Geche | Bangla
Show Details11min 23s
Truth & Story | English
Show Details7min 28s
The Two Frogs | English
Show Details6min 28s
Rabbit & The Terrapin | English
Show Details6min 49s
Raja'r Nyay | The King's Justice | Bangla
Show Details6min
The Oak and The Willow | English
Show Details5min 10s
Shinge'r Daak | The Lion's Roar | Bangla
Show Details5min 45s
Why People Live in Houses | English
Show Details10min 28s
Mulla Nasruddin - The Uses of Wisdom | English
Show Details9min 15s
The Wooden Head | English
Show Details9min 46s