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Welcome to it's Not Ok Podcast, My name is Dhairya Thakkar the host of this podcast. We will talk about the How to be Extraordinary person in all aspects of life namely Financial aspect, Social aspect, Culture aspect, etc. 

So Stay with us and support us.

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Why Successful people read Books
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Learn to Sell, Learn to Build – You Will Be Unstoppable.
Show Details5min 37s
Power of your Mind
Show Details5min 11s
How to Never Stop Growing
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How to master your Emotions (Part 2)
Show Details3min 18s
How to master your Emotions (Part 1)
Show Details4min 18s
Appreciate what you have
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Top 5 Podcast you should listen to Everday.
Show Details4min 12s
The 5 Stages of Grief (Part 2)
Show Details4min 55s
The 5 Stages of Grief (Part 1)
Show Details3min 20s
How Dhariya Score 91% Board Exam (Story time!)
Show Details7min 27s
We become what we think
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The Benefits of Reading Books
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Remember: You cannot control what happen to you, but how you respond to it
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Top 4 Best short-film that will actually make positive impact on your life.(Part 2)
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How to Develop Reading Habit
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Top 4 Best short-film that will actually make positive impact on your life. (Part 1)
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How to Deliver a Powerfull Speech
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These Four step every student should try to inculcate
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How to be More Productive.
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How to be always motivated
Show Details7min 17s
How to Manage Time with 4Ds.
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How to get 1% better every day by James clear
Show Details7min 51s
The 40% Rule by David Goggins.
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Why school study won't matter much in life ?
Show Details10min 6s
How to deal with Negative people.
Show Details5min 53s
Degree matters to become successfull ?
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How to Stop Show-off!
Show Details11min 30s
How to overcome the fear (Part 2)
Show Details9min 12s
How to overcome the Fear (Part 1)
Show Details4min 55s
Journey From Ordinary Person to Extraordinary Person
Show Details10min 27s
The Power of Thoughts : How our Thought influence our Life.
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Social Media: The Modern Addiction of Millennial (Solutions).
Show Details3min 25s
Social Media: The Modern Addiction of Millennial (Problems).
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Trailer - It's Not Ok
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