Episode 05 - Tom Trimbath

Episode 5
1h 11m | Jun 13, 2021

My next guest wears many disparate hats. He's a photographer, a writer, a former Boeing engineer, which means he worked on rockets and aerodynamics.

He's ridden a bicycle across the united states and strolled across Scotland. He and a friend have their own podcast that focuses on Whidbey island writers. Whidbey island is situated in the Puget Sound, north of Seattle.

And this is where I met him when I began publishing InSpiris magazine in 2008. He wrote a column for me, for which I was very thankful.

He still writes and still shoots amazing photographs, but currently, his professional life has led him to real estate, which allows him to socialize with all manner of new friends.

Tom Trimbath can be found at his website:

Music: Leland Hirschman

Intro Narration: MacKenzie Webster

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