Episode 08 - David Szweduik

Episode 8
1h 19m | Jul 25, 2021

I discovered my next guest as I cleaned pools in Key West in 2019. As a creative person, a novelist and digital storyteller, I sought to listen to podcasts by people walking their creative journey.

Dave Szweduik produces a few different podcasts, but he captured my attention with Adventures in Creativity.

We spoke for nearly two hours on a number of subjects related to life, creativity and the importance of being and doing. Of course, this episode is edited a bit for time, but I saved all the best parts.

I'd like to welcome David Szweduik to InSpiris Audio Magazine.

David can be found at He also can be found on Instagram and Twitter; @davidszweduik

Music: Leland Hirschman

Intro Narration: MacKenzie Webster

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