#178 - Intrusive Thoughts

Season 2 | Episode 178
1h 25m | Feb 5, 2024

Do you ever struggle with Intrusive thoughts? You know... those thoughts that seem to come from out of nowhere that you can't seem to get rid of? It happens to EVERYONE. The problem many people face is they don't recognize that just because those thoughts entered their mind does NOT mean those thoughts belong there! As a child of God, you have been given authority over every negative, Intrusive, destructive thought that comes into your mind. You don't have to put up with those Intrusive thoughts any longer!

In this episode we are delving into some scripture passages that map out our authority as believers over our thought life. The most important conversation you'll have today is the one between your own ears, and in this episode I'm sharing Biblically how to engage in self-talk (meditation) that empowers and brings life.

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