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Keeping Up With The Olympians

Greek Mythology made easy!

You'd think the original family in existence would be somewhat fine...But just like any other family, they're chaotic and dysfunctional.

Ellis Parsley takes you through the ancient myths of old, giving them a modern twist. From a chaotic recipe about how to create the world to a greek god dating show. Lets hope you can keep up with these Olympians!

A new episode every month So stay tuned!

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Heracles: The Unthinkable - (BONUS)Ep. 24
Show Details4min 53s
Heracles: A Hero's first fight! - Ep.23
Show Details5min 39s
Heracles: Not an easy start - Ep.22
Show Details8min 46s
The Golden Fleece: How much will you sacrifice? - Ep.21
Show Details12min 13s
The Golden Fleece: Don't mess with Medea - Ep. 20
Show Details6min 20s
The Golden Fleece: Run as fast as you can - Ep.19
Show Details7min 29s
The Golden Fleece: Enter Medea - Ep.18
Show Details5min 54s
The Golden Fleece - Jason and The Argonauts (Part 1) Ep.17
Show Details7min 52s
The Underrated Goddess: Hestia - Ep.16
Show Details7min 1s
What A Load Of Bull...MINOTAUR! - Ep.15
Show Details5min 55s
All's Fair In Love And War Ep.14
Show Details7min 5s
Athena VS Poseidon: For the Capital! Ep. 13
Show Details5min 16s
Medusa, Innocent until proven guilty. Ep.12
Show Details6min 28s
Another Story About A Goddess Minding Her Own Business...Ep.11
Show Details11min
Hera, Her Truth Ep.10
Show Details6min 42s
Greek Birth's Always Have A Catch! Ep.9
Show Details4min
The Fall and Rise Of Hephaestus Ep.8
Show Details8min 43s
Note Taken! Don't Mess With Hera...Ep.7
Show Details5min
Zeus Has A Headache Ep. 6
Show Details2min 48s
Hermes' Wild Adventure Ep.5
Show Details5min 4s
Zeus Takes Typhoon for a spin Ep.4
Show Details4min 28s
Kronus Eats The Rock Ep.3
Show Details7min 53s
Am I Too Greek For You? Ep.2
Show Details6min 52s
5 Step Recipe To Disaster Ep.1
Show Details6min 13s
Show Details47s