S1, Ep. 4: Meet Dr. Kyle Mays - UCLA Professor of Afro-Indigenous History, Finding Mentors, and Academics Supporting BLM

Season 1 | Episode 4
55m | Jun 23, 2020

Welcome to the Lift As We Climb Podcast with Kaelyn Grace Apple. While we strive to achieve success, we must always remember to “lift as we climb.” New episodes every Tuesday!

In today’s episode, I interviewed Dr. Kyle Mays. Dr. Mays is an Assistant Professor of African American and Native American Studies at UCLA and was a professor of mine from undergrad. In this conversation we discussed Dr.Mays' path to academia, the scholars who  have played a significant role in his career and academic journey, and how academics can and should play a role in the Black Lives Matter movement.  Dr. Mays is one of my favorite professors and I hope you gain as much insight from listening to him as I did!

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