Meet Natalie Barbu - Founder of Barbu Agency and NYC/Charlotte Lifestyle Content Creator

33m | Oct 12, 2020

Natalie Barbu is the Founder and CEO of Barbu Agency, a public relations firm focused on running influencer marketing campaigns, building brand's PR lists, and strategizing for upcoming product launches. Along with being a general go-getter business woman, Natalie is also a full-time TouTuber and lifestyle content creator based in NYC and Charlotte, NC. I started working with Natalie back when my own YouTube channel was around 300 subscribers and with her consulting services and expertise, she has helped me and countless other content creators reach a wider audience. Today we will be touching on her life as a YouTuber, the founding of her agency, the world of influencer marketing, and how to is using her platforms to help other young women pursue their creative passions.

Today’s episode was in collaboration with Natalie’s The Real Reel Podcast.


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