1. Why You Always Lyin?

Episode 1
36m | Mar 8, 2024

Hey BBs! We are SOOOOOOOOOO freaking excited to be back! We missed you all so much! but we defs needed to get life in order and get our mental health to a place we could give Bloodbath our full heart!

For todays case were are diving into the fascinating topic of "parentcide"! This is the very gruesome case of the murders of Bart and Krista Halderson in the year 2021! They had the "white picket fence" lifestyle... they thought. Once lies started to be uncovered a much more sinister side to someone they love and cared for came out full throttle. This case has it ALL! Snapchat, a girlfriend who also likes true crime (in a normal way) and an entitled lying brat! It's time for the show....

But wait... There's More!


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