The Navigationalist with Dr. Nicholas Hartlep and Dr. Daisy Ball

Episode 8
36m | Dec 31, 2020

Today, we will discuss being part of the faculty union as an underrepresented faculty, the reach of Racial battle Fatigue, and urge you to participate in shared governance to  make a difference.  Today we have Dr. Nicholas Hartlep and Daisy Ball, editors of Racial Battle Fatigue in Faculty.  

The podcast question include:

  1. Hello, May I be anonymous?  I work at a Historical White College in a rural area.  Let me first say I am tired.  The first thing I did when I was hired was join the faculty union.  They have great parties, but when I make complaints about bullying in my department, they do nothing.  People not in the union are bullied.  On top of that they say things with some racial tones and nobody calls them off.  What are my next steps?  
  2.  I have thick skin, I tell myself.  When a microaggression occurs, I brush it off, but lately I’ve been so tired.  The last straw when no one checked on me during this Covid-19.  I’ve been calling in sick to work more than often.  Nobody check on me about how I was emotionally doing due to our racially charged events.  My mentor mentioned Racial Battle Fatigue and said I had symptoms.   Is this a public health and mental health illness.  Is it really affecting me?   
  3. So I received this diversity fellowship program, which is cool, but when I voice my opinion, no one listens to me.  They said they needed my “Latino” expertise.  What?  I am the only person of color on a committee because every other person of color are tired of being ignored.   What can I do? 

The Guest Navigationalists inlcude: Nicholas D. Hartlep is the Robert Charles Billings Endowed Chair in Education at Berea College where he Chairs the Department of Education Studies. Dr. Hartlep has published 22 books, the most recent being (2019) What Makes a Star Teacher? Seven Dispositions that Encourage Student Learning which was published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. He also co-edited Racial Battle Fatigue in Faculty. and  Effective Teachers as Windows and Mirrors.  Follow his work on Twitter at @nhartlep or at his website,  

Dr. Daisy Ball is Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program in the Department of Public Affairs at Roanoke College, VIrginal. She co-edited Racial Battle Fatigue, which examines the challenges faced by diverse faculty members in colleges and universities. Her research focuses on the intersection of race and crime, with an emphasis on the criminal justice contact of Asian Americans.

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