The Navigationalist with Dr. Leah Hollis and Dr. Wanda Malden

Episode 4
42m | Dec 31, 2020

Join us with  Dr. Leah Hollis, scholar and author of Bully Beyond Tower and Unequal Opportunity FIred Without a Cause ; and former senior EEO Coordinator at the University at Iowa, Wanda Malden; and  educator and success coach,  Dr. Jacquelina Pena. In this episode,  we will explore how to handle an example of a microaggression,  how important to bring true authentic self to College Employee party, and how important it is for you - especially you - to do the research for that promotion. The podcast questions include: 

  1. So my chair said some derogatory remarks against women and ended with  “You know women.”  Other faculty, including minority faculty and some female faculty laughed.  I know it does not seem much but it has been on my mind.  So what should I do?  A) send this person an e-mail confronting his ugly words, B) blast him on facebook under another profile, C) Just ignore him and stop talking to him; D) None above.
  2. Hello, my mentor advised me to start attending faculty picnics and other gatherings.  I find it difficult to connect with them because I am the only Hmong instructor in my area.  Do I bring my true self to the meeting?  Should I hold back? And why am I feeling so hesitate?   Any tips?  Why should I worry about this?  Will it look bad if I don't go? Help please?  
  3. I am the only female faculty in the Welding area.  My goals are to work this job for two years, master it, and move on.  I want it all: a promotion and raise.  Those are my goals.  I already find it intimidating to be the only female here.  What are some things I should be thinking about?  

Guest Navigationalist include: Dr. Leah Hollis, associate professor at Morgan State University, is a healthy workplace advocate who speaks nationally and internationally on diversity on workplace bullying. Some of her venues have included Oxford University, University of Milan, Cornell University, and the California State system.  In the Fall of 2018, she also presented a paper a the University of New-York, Prague, CZ. Her work has helped over 175 colleges and universities through keynote speeches, workshops and webinars. Also, her work has been featured in University Business, Inside Higher Education, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. She has also presented training for HERC, and the American Council on Education (ACE).  Feel encouraged to reach her at www.diversitytrainingconsultants.comWanda Malden, former senior EEO Coordinator at the University at Iowa,  is on the board of the American Association for Access, Equity, and Diversity  - the association of professionals managing affirmative action, equal opportunity, diversity and other human resource programs .  She also  serves as the chair of the AAED Professional Development Training Institute, which offers  offers the Certified Affirmative Action Professional (CAAP) and Senior Certified Affirmative Action Professional credentials (Sr. CAAP). PDTI also offers courses and certificate programs in areas ranging from “Diversity Management” and “Title IX Investigations” to “Latest OFCCP Compliance Developments.” 

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