COL (R) Rob Ryan

Season 1 | Episode 41
1h 57m | Oct 7, 2023

We begin this episode by discussing the profound connections that are rekindled when we bring guests onto the podcast. Renowned figures like COL (R) Rob Ryan have guided countless Rangers throughout their careers, leaving an indelible impact on their lives. As a result, our anticipation to hear from these legendary individuals is always palpable.

We delve into the concept of how leaders shape us, emphasizing that we are essentially products of their influence, as well as the collective experiences shared with fellow Rangers. The expectations and standards we uphold are a direct reflection of the time we spend with our fellow Rangers.

Our conversation transports us to the early days of deployments, where Rangers seamlessly adapted to the ever-evolving demands of their country and the special operations community. Rob recognized the imperative for enhanced synchronization across the force amidst these dynamic circumstances. He promptly initiated meetings to ensure that unit leaders collectively defined the path to success.

We reflect on the pitfalls of the mentalities prevailing during the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), highlighting the misalignment of decisions and risk. Rather than prioritizing amenities and comfort, there was a pressing need to focus on more critical aspects.

The majority of our episode is dedicated to the evolution of technology and the corresponding shifts in manpower requirements, elucidating how these factors will shape the future of warfare and the training protocols of the Ranger Regiment.

We acknowledge the military's struggle to embrace intelligent risk-taking, stressing the importance of being open to experimentation and innovation in order to discover novel ways of conducting operations. This forward-looking mindset will also play a pivotal role in determining future manpower needs and equipment development to support training.

Our conversation pivots towards the changing nature of warfare, underlining the necessity for a corresponding evolution in our mentalities and approaches to conflict.

Finally, we explore the driving forces behind effective leadership and strategies for self-improvement as leaders ourselves.

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