COL (R) William Ostlund

Season 40 | Episode 1
2h 11m | Sep 23, 2023

In the opening segment of the episode, Bill sets the stage by discussing the vital role of Rangers serving beyond the 75th Ranger Regiment. He emphasizes how these Rangers have a profound impact not only within their units but also across the entire military landscape.

As the conversation progresses, we delve into the concept of accountability among Rangers. Specifically, we explore how Rangers hold themselves and their peers accountable, particularly during the rigorous RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) process, which is known for its demanding standards.

Bill then shares personal anecdotes about the influential leaders who left a lasting imprint on his career. These mentors played a pivotal role in guiding him towards the path of becoming an officer.

The discussion naturally transitions to Bill's own journey, recounting his experiences during his transition to an officer and his initial deployment to the Iraq war.

The conversation broadens to include the impact of Forward Operating Bases, shedding light on how these bases provided essential comforts that extended the presence of American forces in various countries.

Bill also offers a unique and vivid perspective on the Valley of Fire, sharing his experiences and struggles during that intense period. He mentions that many of these operations and moments were captured in the book, "The Hardest Place" by Wes Morgan.

A significant highlight is Bill's explanation of how his unit developed a unit award matrix. He attributes the success of this process to the reason why three soldiers in his Battalion earned the Medal of Honor.

Lastly, we briefly touch on some exciting upcoming features and ideas for the Legends Podcast.

In closing, Bill imparts valuable advice to all Rangers. He underscores the importance of understanding the rich history of the Ranger community, living out the principles of the Ranger Creed in every facet of life, and maintaining a journal to preserve the unique history and experiences of the Ranger brotherhood.

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