COL(R) Shawn Daniel

Season 1 | Episode 42
1h 42m | Oct 21, 2023

In this episode, Shawn provides a deep and introspective look into his journey, beginning with his initial aspirations centered around service academies. He candidly discusses how, despite his early ambitions, he recognized that his personal maturity wasn't quite aligned with those goals. Life, as it often does, took him on an unexpected journey, which included enrolling in Ranger School immediately after completing Basic Training.

Shawn then takes us on a compelling narrative through his arduous path to joining the Ranger Regiment and the rapid deployment of his company to combat in Afghanistan. He vividly describes the intensity and pace of operations during his first deployment, where he led the country's efforts in a highly dynamic environment, reflecting on the whirlwind nature of it all.

As the conversation unfolds, Shawn pays homage to the influential Ranger NCOs who played pivotal roles in shaping his character and instilling in him the unwavering commitment to success. These mentors not only guided him professionally but also personally, ensuring he wouldn't falter in the face of adversity.

Delving deeper into his military career, Shawn opens up about his time on staff, particularly in the realm of gear development. He provides insights into his experiences while remaining on rear-duty during the invasion of Iraq, offering a unique perspective on the critical support roles in military operations.

However, the conversation takes a poignant turn as Shawn bravely outlines some of the darker moments in his career, shedding light on the profound sorrow he faced and how he managed to overcome these emotional challenges. This transition leads to a heartfelt and earnest discussion about mental health in the military, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues openly and proactively.

Towards the end of the episode, Shawn shares a compelling narrative of the inception and mission of the Darby Warrior Support organization, offering a glimpse into its founding principles and its focused mission. He paints a vivid picture of what the future holds for this remarkable organization, rooted in a genuine desire to support and uplift those who have served their country.

Summarization of what they do and why: 

DWS primarily targets the Special Operations community among all eligible 9/11 generation combat veterans, emphasizing the exceptional qualities and values demonstrated by these elite soldiers. DWS operates in line with Ranger values, sharing a commitment to never failing comrades. Located in Arkansas, the organization leverages the state's values of rugged individualism, hard work, patriotism, and love of the outdoors to efficiently serve veterans. Guests experience a well-equipped and comfortable stay, with all required gear, lodging amenities, and exceptional meals provided. They enjoy world-class hunting or fishing

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