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Ready Teacher One

A Podcast About the Future of Technology & Education


Episode 4.5: Quinn Taber
Show Details42min 31s
Episode 4.4: Jens Backvall
Show Details41min 51s
Episode 4.3: Dr. Aditya Nagrath
Show Details28min 6s
Episode 4.2: Eric Gibbs
Show Details41min 46s
Episode 4.1: Erika Donalds
Show Details39min 26s
Bonus Episode: Ryan Boyette
Show Details57min 26s
Bonus Episode: Dr. Derek Ham
Show Details51min 35s
Episode 3.13: Theo Priestley
Show Details51min 19s
Episode 3.12: Lindy Hockenbary
Show Details47min 25s
Episode 3.11: Dr. Muhsina Morris
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 3.10: Michele O'Brien & Angie King
Show Details40min 3s
Episode 3.9: Kingston Lee-Young
Show Details38min 27s
Episode 3.8: Dr. Paula MacDowell
Show Details37min 20s
Episode 3.7: Seth Fleischauer
Show Details51min 16s
Episode 3.6: The Founders of Sora
Show Details55min 16s
Episode 3.5: Corrales Cachola
Show Details54min 30s
Episode 3.4: Michael McDonald
Show Details37min 24s
Episode 3.3: Heza Mulinzi
Show Details37min 39s
Episode 3.2B: Beau McCoy, Part 2
Show Details27min 3s
Episode 3.2A: Beau McCoy, Part 1
Show Details34min 51s
Episode 3.1: Interview with Brian Moynihan & Rich Henderson
Show Details33min 6s
Episode 2.13: Interview with Travis Feldler
Show Details38min 23s
Episode 2.12: Interview with Melissa Oldrin
Show Details35min 10s
Episode 2.11: Interview with Geraldine Perriguey
Show Details34min 7s
Episode 2.10: Interview with Craig Frehlich
Show Details38min 43s
Episode 2.9: Interview with Steve Grubbs
Show Details37min 59s
Episode 2.8: Interview with Chris Madsen
Show Details38min 18s
Episode 2.7: "Interview with Anurupa Ganguly"
Show Details36min 29s
Episode 2.6: "Interview with Sunil Singh"
Show Details39min 13s
Episode 2.5: "Interview with Jeff Patterson"
Show Details36min 3s
Episode 2.4: "Interview with Michael Robbins"
Show Details34min 27s
Episode 2.3: "Interview with Nneka McGee"
Show Details39min 37s
Episode 2.2: "Interview with Arome Ibrahim"
Show Details26min 23s
Episode 2.1: "Interview with Dr. Kecia Waddell"
Show Details36min 42s
Episode 13: "Interview with Damian Kavanagh"
Show Details43min 22s
Episode 12: "Interview with Joshua Dahn"
Show Details45min 3s
Episode 11: "Interview with Dr. Tony Millican"
Show Details29min 32s
Episode 10: "Interview with Dan Meyer"
Show Details29min 18s
Episode 9: "Interview with Rene Gadelha"
Show Details36min 12s
Episode 8: "Interview with Dr. Michael Torrence"
Show Details34min 45s
Episode 7 Epilogue
Show Details30min 31s
Episode 7: "Interview with Robert Rice"
Show Details35min 46s
Episode 6: "Interview with Craig Peterson"
Show Details43min 50s
Episode 5: "Interview with Kwaku Aning"
Show Details38min 43s
Episode 4: "Interview with Marcus 'Esports' Howard"
Show Details32min 11s
Episode 3: "Interview with Vince Jordan"
Show Details29min 15s
Episode 2: "Is Online School Forever?"
Show Details28min 46s
Episode 1: "This Is Crisis Schooling"
Show Details29min 13s