Why is There Suffering in God's World?

1h 3m | Aug 27, 2023

We have been around as humans for quite a while now. Through lives and lives and thousands of years, we have all chosen harmful and violent acts. Many still choose harmful and violent actions, embodiments, mindsets. We see in our world that obsession with the physical form is at an all time, high causing many to be extremely violent and aggressive.

Through all of these thousands of years, karmic debt accumulates- good and bad. My guruji said that there is still so much good karmic debt and so much goodness in the world, and if there wasn't, our world and all humans would just explode and die because there wasn't anything balancing it out. I believe in being an instrument for service and for good, and for doing my part to only add good karmic imprints into the world and to extinguish evil. If we all choose to act with love and non-attachment, we would create heaven on earth for everyone. and so, we first create heaven on earth for ourselves (within our own mind) and then extend that out and begin to serve others in their own creation of heaven on earth, until we are all living in heaven.

evil is alive and well and we see it when people are creating deeper and deeper karmic debt for themselves by choosing evil actions that harm the earth, others, people, animals...we as servants of god and of the light must choose service and good action continually, over and over.

God is not a male in the sky, God is...

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