Why I Don't Have Friends That Hold Me Accountable: & how to serve others from a healthy space

53m | Jun 17, 2023

*important note: i have other spaces that hold me accountable such as therapists, mentors, and coaches :) that's another reason i don't desire friendships where they are holding me accountable- because i already do, and so do the people allocated to do so for me! so my friendships just need to be a safe space.

also!! i am currently running a ~giveaway~ where you can win a free coaching session with me! all you have to do is write a review for my podcast on Apple Podcasts and send me a screenshot of your review to my dms on IG- and then you’re entered! it will be run until we hit 500 reviews, and once we hit 500, i will choose someone at random and tag you on my IG story ! Xoxoxox :***

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