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Engineer apes talking all things non-engineering. Crypto, Latest News, Politics, Water Cooler talk and all your favorite shows


Ethereum Mining Update
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Crypto Barbell Strategy
Show Details20min 57s
Real Vision Bot, Antifragile, Yield on Cash?
Show Details24min 13s
Guns, Ammo & 2nd Amendment Insurance
Show Details7min 14s
Crypto Rabbit Hole Part 2
Show Details37min 59s
Crypto Rabbit Hole Part 1
Show Details46min 21s
Crypto Options Update
Show Details20min 47s
Crypto Mining
Show Details24min 5s
Crypto Wallets/Rally and Discord
Show Details23min 43s
Electricity Talk
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Thanksgiving Crypto Special Part 3
Show Details24min 35s
Thanksgiving Crypto Special Part 2
Show Details32min 28s
Thanksgiving Crypto Special Part 1
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Below Deck Part 2 of ?
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Indiana Tax Sale Wrap Up
Show Details14min 59s
Mortgage Pre-Approval
Show Details10min 25s
Indy vs. Cincy: Potholes and Internet Fiber
Show Details2min 23s
First Tax Lien Purchase
Show Details8min 26s
Allen County Tax Sale Aftermath
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Chip Shortage
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Buying a Home
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Tax Lien Investing
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Walking Dead Part 2 of ?
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Blue Origin, Private Space, and Becoming dictators
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Impressing Cousins and The Gen Z Divide
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Below Deck, Walking Dead Pt 1 of ?
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Solana, Sandbox, FTX Exchange, NFT's
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