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So Tell Me More: A Dive into Psychotherapy

Welcome to So Tell Me More, a podcast hosted by two psychotherapy students, Prabhnoor and Naviya. Join us as we explore various topics from self-care to learning more about cognitive behaviour therapy. We hope to get you thinking and reflecting on all things mental health - let’s dive in!


2.7 - A Dive into Personality Types
Show Details38min 1s
2.6 - A Dive into Behavioral Activation
Show Details29min 4s
2.5 - A Dive into Children and Youth Mental Health
Show Details28min 16s
2.4 - A Dive into Bridgerton Season 2
Show Details40min 33s
2.3 - A Dive into Mental Health in the Latino Community with Jorge Alvarez
Show Details48min 46s
2.2 - A Dive into "Saaya Unveiled" with Mrinal
Show Details34min 10s
2.1 - A Dive into "Love is Blind" with Kristina Virro
Show Details43min
1.14 - A Dive into Conversation with Brown Women Health
Show Details35min
Ep. 13 - A Dive into Psychiatry with Bipandeep Abbat
Show Details40min 15s
Ep. 12- A Dive into our Psychotherapy Program
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 11 - A Dive into Gratitude
Show Details36min 17s
Ep. 10- A Dive into Self-Care
Show Details32min 22s
Ep. 9 - A Dive into Becoming A Psychologist with Allison Mizzi
Show Details26min 29s
Ep. 8 - A Dive into the Show: "Couples Therapy"
Show Details30min 2s
Ep. 7- A Dive into Virtual School
Show Details34min 37s
Ep. 6 - A Dive into Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Show Details31min 46s
Ep. 5 - A Dive into Love Languages
Show Details29min 45s
Ep. 4- A Dive into Imposter Syndrome
Show Details28min 49s
Ep. 3 - A Dive into COVID-19 and Mental Health
Show Details37min 18s
Ep. 2 - A Dive into Therapy in Movies
Show Details28min 56s
Ep. 1 - A Dive into Psychotherapy
Show Details35min 48s
Ep. 0 - An Introduction
Show Details15min 49s