Night Out #01 - Ghosts, Murder and Puppies

54m | Feb 2, 2021

Meet Loksi (Adam) and Johnny, two friends that only by the magic of the internet and a few trucking simulator games became the "best" podcasting duo. 

The world is now a very "interesting" place, so they decided to start an online pub. Welcome to NightWithTheLads, a place you can

drink and get drunk to. Join us on our misguided adventure throughout our perspective of "LIFE"

Do you enjoy drinking? Do you enjoy listening to a couple of "funny" people talk complete crap? Do you want to follow us and make this show big?

In this episode: Johnny and Loksi talk about their first attempt at podcasting. Their attempts at "perfecting" an outro and doing a cool starter to the show. They ended up talking about how this woman lost her right to be alive. You know, a normal conversation.

Night With The Lads