Night Out #02 - Genies, Talking Cats & Pirates

55m | Feb 10, 2021

Meet Loksi (Adam) and Johnny, two friends that only by the magic of the internet and a few trucking simulator games became the "best" podcasting duo.

The world is now a very "interesting" place, so they decided to start a virtual pub. WELCOME TO NightWithTheLads!, a place where you can

drink and get drunk to a couple of morons chatting utter nonsense. Join us on our misguided adventure throughout our perspective of "LIFE"

Do you enjoy drinking? Do you enjoy listening to a couple of "funny" people talk complete crap? Do you want to follow us and make this show big?

In this episode: Adam and Johnny ask each other weird and wonderful questions, some take a mystical and magical turn. Whilst others, drag you into the dark underbelly of very petty crimes and horrible bosses. Watch as our favourite duo talk about their perspectives on talking animals and rubbing off genies. And in the end they live their dream of becoming pirate captains.

Night With The Lads