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The SportsEthos Dallas Mavericks Podcast

A show hosted by Lawrence Brooks, this is the official SportsEthos Dallas Mavericks podcast. We'll cover everything related to the Mavs, including injury news, key storylines, player profiles, game results, free agents, winning, losing, and more!


Down 3 Games to None, Hanging On
Show Details19min 3s
Tired Mavs Drop Game 1 to Warriors, 112-87
Show Details16min 35s
Mavs Send Suns Fishing, Meet Dubs in WCF
Show Details28min 17s
Thieves! Mavs Total 16 Steals in Game 6 Rout
Show Details19min 39s
A Meldown in Phoenix Puts Mavs in 3-2 Hole
Show Details19min 26s
Dorian FIRE-Smith Cooks Suns in Game 4 Win
Show Details26min 22s
Dallas Gets Sunburnt by the Point God
Show Details19min 38s
Suns Burn Mavs in Game 1, Dallas Down 1-0
Show Details19min 29s
Mavs On To Round Two
Show Details27min 54s
Luka Returns in Mavs Loss, Series Locked at 2
Show Details23min 4s
The Brunson Burner Remains Hot as Mavs Take Game 3 on the Road
Show Details29min 18s
Super Jalen Leads Mavs to Game 2 Victory
Show Details23min 28s
Mavs Battle, Lose Game One Slugfest to Utah
Show Details16min 56s
Mavs Moving Toward Playoffs
Show Details25min 1s
Should Kristaps Be Dealt?
Show Details26min 20s
A Re-Launch, Just in Time for the Mavs Heater
Show Details28min 1s
Mavericks are Back!
Show Details37min 54s
Mavs Offseason Report 1
Show Details55min 46s
A Season Comes to an End
Show Details28min 23s
Flat 4th Quarter Leads to Loss and a Game 7
Show Details17min
Defense Will be Key in Game 5
Show Details18min 24s
Mavs Slowed in Game Three Defeat
Show Details15min 5s
A Commanding 2-0 Lead, but Far from Over
Show Details23min 32s
Mavs Up 1-0 on Clips
Show Details17min 26s
A Clippers-Mavericks Postseason Crossover Preview
Show Details39min 17s
Luka's Bounceback, Mavs Trounce Shorthanded Pels
Show Details14min 8s
Taking Care of Business at Cleveland, Doncic Ejected
Show Details17min 50s
Mavs Complete Season Sweep of Nets
Show Details19min
Mavs Take A Weekend Split
Show Details20min 38s
Mavs Bounce Back, Blow Out Warriors
Show Details18min 38s
Big Mavs Comeback Energy
Show Details17min
KP Hurt in Back-to-Back as Mavs Topple Anthony Davis and Lakers
Show Details19min 20s
Are the Mavs Cold or Just Bad Scheduling
Show Details19min 18s
Mavs Redeem Selves, Beat Bucks
Show Details19min
Sweet Revenge, Mavs Beat Jazz
Show Details19min 36s
Mavs Report with Special Guest Mavs Reddit
Show Details42min 24s
Can Mavs Be Road Warriors
Show Details13min 38s
Get Healthy, Get Wins
Show Details19min 54s
Redick and Mavs United
Show Details21min 6s
Luka Legend Leads the Blowout in Portland
Show Details21min 40s
Porzingis Absent in Portland
Show Details18min 34s
Mavs Need More Firepower
Show Details16min
Sweet Bounceback over Denver
Show Details16min 50s
Playing with Your Food
Show Details18min 26s
Mavs Ready to Make Second Half Statement
Show Details17min 16s
Mavs Have Found Their Groove
Show Details47min 4s
Mavs Ran into a Philly Buzzsaw
Show Details18min 34s
Mavs on a Roll!
Show Details17min 56s
Mavs Allowed Dame to Break their Hearts on Valentine’s Day
Show Details21min 52s
A Win is a Win; Mavs Beat Wolves Despite 4th Quarter Defensive Issues
Show Details19min 13s
Mavs Win a Saturday Night Shootout!
Show Details19min 17s
Mavs Snap Losing Streak, but Dubs May Have Started a New One
Show Details20min 32s
The Maddening Mavericks Strike Again!
Show Details19min 57s
Same Story, Different Book
Show Details18min 26s
Bummer Night and I'm Sad for the Mavs
Show Details18min 36s
A Win at Last... We'll Take It!
Show Details19min 13s
Tired Mavs Fall in Tampa to Raptors
Show Details19min 20s
Can We Get Our Team Back Please?
Show Details33min 12s
The Unicorn is Back
Show Details21min 40s
Gritty OT Win over Nuggets, with Nick Angstadt
Show Details48min 23s
Luka Triple-Doubles in Big Win over Houston
Show Details22min 8s
State of the Mavs after 1-3 Start
Show Details48min 23s
Two in the Books, Both Losses; First Week Recap
Show Details22min 7s
Mavs Reddit in the House!
Show Details50min 21s
One Week to Go with Special Guest Chris Arnold
Show Details43min 37s
Preseason is Here (with Josh Bowe)
Show Details48min 37s
Offseason Roundup, Season Preview
Show Details29min 36s
NBA Today and Mavs Crossover, an Offseason Check
Show Details1hr 9min
The Season Concludes, Luka is Amazing
Show Details20min 40s
That... Didn't Go As Planned
Show Details19min 13s
Oh What a Day!
Show Details19min 53s
Good Guys Take Game 2, Series Tied 1-1
Show Details35min 52s
Zinger Tossed, Opportunity Missed
Show Details19min 47s
Mavs-Clips First Round Preview, a Cross-Over Episode
Show Details39min 42s
The Most Incredible Loss of the Year
Show Details19min 34s
Backups Cut Loose, Shorthanded Mavs Beat Jazz
Show Details18min 56s
Running Out of Superlatives for Luka
Show Details20min 21s
A Brief Introduction
Show Details3min 16s