• Embracing the AI Revolution with Serial Entrepreneur Tal Navarro

    In this inspiring episode, Don Allen III interviews the trailblazing serial entrepreneur, speaker and AI pioneer Tal Navarro. Tal shares her entrepreneurial journey of failures and successes, and how she has leveraged AI tools to streamline her businesses and online presence. She discusses the game-changing potential of AI for entrepreneurs to automate processes, enhance customer experiences, and bring innovative products to market. Tal also emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations as AI grows more ubiquitous. Throughout the conversation, she provides motivating advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, working mothers, and creative professionals looking to build an authentic brand. Don't miss Tal's contagious energy and insights into capitalizing on the AI revolution.

    Timestamp Chapter Markers

    3:12 - Tal's entrepreneurial background

    9:27 - How AI is changing business

    16:40 - Using AI tools as an entrepreneur

    25:15 - Overcoming barriers as a woman in tech

    34:20 - Balancing hustle with personal life

    42:35 - Advice for building an authentic brand

    Guest Bio:

    Tal Navarro is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, host, philanthropist, advisor, investor, and the founder/CEO of Social Lady marketing agency and AI Vibes omnichannel media company.



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    53m - Mar 6, 2024
  • Paige Piskin's Canvas: The Intersection of Art and AI 🌈


    In this engaging episode, Don Allen III sits down with AR and AI artist Paige Piskin to explore her unique approach to creating alternate realities. Paige's surreal pieces, often featuring her own likeness, push the boundaries of reality and stimulate viewers' imaginations. Listen in as they delve into Paige's creative process, her partnerships with major tech companies, and her vision for the future of mixed reality experiences.

    Key Points/Categories:

    1. Paige Piskin's Artistic Process: Exploring the use of tools like Mid Journey and Insight Face for creating AI-generated pieces.
    2. Collaboration with Tech Giants: Paige's experiences partnering with Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok and its impact on her work.
    3. Growing a Following: How Paige amassed billions of views by targeting a niche audience and expanding from there.
    4. Immersive Experiences: Paige's aspiration to create engaging experiences using AI and mixed reality glasses or headsets.
    5. Nomadic Lifestyle: Paige's journey as a digital nomad for over 12 years, balancing travel with family time and remote work.

    Key Takeaways/Bullet Points:

    • - Paige Piskin utilizes tools like Mid Journey and Insight Face to create alternative versions of herself in various scenes, challenging viewers to rethink reality.
    • - Paige's approach to collaborations with tech giants like Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok involves active engagement in their respective communities and regular creation of work on their platforms.
    • - She amassed a large following by initially targeting audiences interested in character transformations and dramatic makeup looks, further growth was facilitated by word-of-mouth.
    • - Future-forward, Paige intends to develop immersive experiences using AI and mixed reality technologies, predicting these advancements will reintegrate our imaginations into daily life.
    • - Despite living a nomadic lifestyle, Paige prioritizes regular visits and activities with family, leveraging technology like Zoom and FaceTime to stay connected during travels.

    Guest Information:

    Paige Piskin is an innovative AR and AI artist known for her AI-generated artworks that challenge the limits of reality. She has worked with leading technology corporations such as Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok, contributing to the advancement of AR technologies. Paige's work has garnered billions of views worldwide, and she has been a guest judge on the popular show Glow Up.


    Links and Resources:

    - [Mid Journey Tool](#) A tool Paige uses for exploring fantasy worlds through AI-generated results.

    - [Insight Face](#) Another tool Paige uses to create her art.

    - [Glow Up](#) A popular show where Paige served as a guest judge.

    - [Apple Vision Pro](#) An interesting piece of technology mentioned during the podcast.

    - [Humane](#) A company recommended by Don Allen III that merges AI with everyday life through innovative hardware.

    - [Lo Fi Girl Playlist](#) A popular YouTube playlist for chill vibes, mentioned during the episode.

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    - 02:52 - Introduction of Paige Piskin

    - 08:39 - Strategies for using prompts

    - 24:33 - Introduction to AI notetaking

    - 51:52 - Discussing interactive world experiences

    - 52:44 - About the Rethink Reality podcast

    - 57:00 - Conclusion and preview of the next episode

    - 1:03:20 - Post-recording thoughts

    (Note: These timestamps may vary slightly based on the final edited version of the podcast.)

    S2E2 - 52m - Jul 15, 2023
  • Thread by Thread: A New Social Media Frontier

    Podcast Episode Notes:

    1. Introduction of the new social media app, Threads, and its potential implications for platforms like Twitter. 

    2. Overview of strategies for growing an account on Threads, such as the "dollar 80 strategy" involving engagement with other threads.

    3. Analysis of recent changes on Twitter since Elon Musk's acquisition, and how Threads could leverage this situation.

    4. The speaker's successful engagement with industry giants like Mark Zuckerberg, Adam Mosseri, and Netflix using these strategies.

    5. Discussion on the importance of user feedback for application improvement, using bug reports and thoughtful reviews.

    6. Sharing of exclusive content available to subscribers for a fee of $4.99 per month.

    7. The speaker's engagement with Mark Zuckerberg about content distinction between Instagram's broadcast channels and Threads, and Zuckerberg's response, which highlighted product announcements on broadcast channels and community engagement on Threads.

    8. Sharing of the speaker's effective social media growth strategies, including fast dictation and maintaining personal voice authenticity.

    9. Discussion on the speaker's autonomous driving experiences and the importance of focus on the road.

    10. Emphasis on the value of positive and useful content on social media, as well as the advocacy for Threads as a platform for safer speech.

    11. Highlighting of Threads' accountability features and content filtering options, with a brief discussion on Instagram's nudity policy.

    12. Introduction of the speaker's Clear Mirror miniseries and their plans to use Threads for its advertising and associated conversations.

    34m - Jul 6, 2023
  • Enterprise Level AR - What is Valuable?

    Q&A Interview with the CEO of Wikitude, Martin Herdina a successful technology entrepreneur and augmented reality leader since 2008.

    We discuss how enterprises save money with AR and VR tools. We discuss what may be the best metric for measuring successful AR experiences. We breakdown a lot of the language that usually acts as a barrier to understanding this incredible space.

    Guest: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-herdina-927196/?originalSubdomain=at


    Instagram @donalleniii

    Twitter @donalleniii

    Support this podcast with my Crypto Art:



    51m - Dec 31, 2020
  • Tapping Into Primal & Modern Human Needs

    A fascinating conversation with Chris Pelk the Creative Director of LiveWall Group & an Official Facebook Spark AR Partner / AR Creator! Chris Pelk and I dive into a conversation that addresses what are some of our primal vs modern human needs as it realates to AR.

    We discuss areas like:

    • What it means to be a Spark AR Partner.
    • Tips for utilizing basic human needs when generating AR effects
    • Potential fears we have for the future of AR
    • What excites us most about the future!

    Super Simple Show Notes:

    LiveWall Group: https://www.livewallconcepts.nl/

    Spark AR Partner: https://sparkar-partners.fb.com/partners/chrispelk/


    1h 11m - Dec 5, 2020
  • How To Apply Creative Thinking to All of Life

    We interview Mathias Omotola, Manager of events and Community at Maxon US. You know how I use Cinema 4D for all of my AR, VR, and XR work? He is one of the people behind Cinema 4D! He also hosts The 3D Motion Show! Listen to learn about the technical and spiritual skills creatives need to focus on. Explore with us as we dive into the future of the VFX industry. Finally, hear the practical ways we can all shift our perspectives and widen our perceptions! Mathias shares sooooo much wisdom and gems! You don't want to miss it! #futureproofs #donalleniii #rethinkreality #c4d


    Guest: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathiasomotola/

    1h 57m - Oct 28, 2020
  • Our Relationship to Tech is Fundamental - Episode 5

    We interview Chris Barbour Head of Facebook's AR Content Business Development and Partnerships program! We chat about how we are coming to terms with technology and the true nature of reality. We also explore the powers of meditation as is relates to our mental health!

    S1E5 - 1h 12m - Sep 21, 2020
  • Keep Up with Creative AI

    We have a chat with award winning Motion Designer, Jonathan Winbush about the technical side of XR. How to keep up with Creative Ai , GPU breakthroughs, and revolutions in rendering! 


    Special Guest:


    S1E4 - 1h 32m - Sep 4, 2020
  • Why Avatars Matter in XR

    We interviewed Christine Marzano @marzrover, the CEO of a fashion avatar tech company. She is a futurist, model, actress and occasional Irish Dancer. She graduated from Princeton with a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience! We talk about the deeper meaning of digital avatars,  the future of ecommerce , and 3d tools. This one is REALLY EXCITING!


    #donalleniii #augmentedreality #arkit #arcore#mixedreality#madewithunity#bts#installation#interactive#unrealenginr #art#future#tech#vr #podcast #motiongraphics #sparkar #lensstudio #arfilter #3dart #vfx #vfxnews #vfx_media #cgi #motiontracking

    S1E3 - 1h 3m - Aug 24, 2020
  • Gamification Yields Retention - Episode 2

    We interview XR Producer Caitlin Lomax, and talk about gamification, motivation, and experience design. Unity vs Unreal engine which is better for creatives.

    S1E2 - 58m - Aug 15, 2020
  • The Human Side of AR filters

    We interview Caroline Rocha - Filter Influencer - @frenchsinger

    about the human side of AR filters.

    • We discuss some of the dangers of AR worlds and some of their opportunities
    • Finally we hear some impactful advice for creatives getting started in AR filter design.

    Special Guest Links:


    S1E1 - 48m - Aug 3, 2020
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