The View BotCast

Hi, hello, and welcome to the View BotCast! Hosted by _Slate, MicahVarietyChannel, and Tech Nate, we answer your garbage questions, argue about literally nothing, and complain about almost everything. In each 45 minute episode, we tackle anything from YouTube and Minecraft, to breakfast food and memes, and to whether or not Android is actually better than iPhone. With a wide variety of guests, topics, and technical difficulties, each episode is a slightly different waste of time for your listening pleasure. (Cover artwork by Cherryboy)


#11: The Dinner Episode
Show Details31min 42s
#10: The Worst Retrospective Episode of All Time
Show Details44min 30s
#9: Micah’s Brother, Christmas Music, and Tech
Show Details39min 23s
#8: Marbles, Board Games, and is Spongebob Adopted?
Show Details38min 32s
#7: Tech Nate and Micah Talk YouTube for 50 Minutes
Show Details49min 35s
#6: sofia the first, Pulp, and our Desert Island Wishes
Show Details40min 33s
#5: Dugishdub, Video Games, and Why Golf Isn’t Called Golfball
Show Details38min 45s
#4: Let’s Talk About The Tech Nate Talent Show
Show Details48min 59s
#3: aar0123, Superpowers, and How We Met Each Other
Show Details45min 40s
#2: tornhat, our Favorite Ice Cream Flavors, and Cars
Show Details43min 42s
#1: Fortnite, iPhone vs. Android, and our Favorite Music Genres
Show Details43min 46s