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Art with Soul Podcast

In the Art with Soul Podcast, I share my artist's journey - a behind-the-scenes look at my artistic process, musings on the creative life, and a peek into my creative process and inspiration. I also reflect on how the art and spiritual life are intertwined; offer some inspiration and ideas for using art as healing; and also inspire you to start your own creative art practice.

As a self-taught artist with no art school background, I hope that this look into my art journey, and my conversations about the ins and outs of an artist's life, inspire you to pick up paints and fill your life with colour! If you're just curious about art, are wondering how to start art journaling, or are new - or even seasoned - on the creative process, I hope you will find something here to delight and inspire you!

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37. Creative pep talk: Permission slip for artists
Show Details4min 46s
Stuck in a rut? Here’s how to freshen up your art practice
Show Details19min 59s
35. Should you start an art business?
Show Details22min 32s
34. Are you afraid to call yourself an artist?
Show Details14min
33. Planning an art studio makeover
Show Details21min 56s
32. How a daily creative practice can heal your soul
Show Details15min 44s
31. 100 days to finding your art style
Show Details13min 11s
30. Should you go deep or wide with your art practice?
Show Details27min 18s
29. How information overload hampers your creativity
Show Details21min 39s
28. The messy middle: dealing with an artist block
Show Details16min 25s
27. Choose your own creative journey - part 2
Show Details25min 45s
26. Choose your own creative journey - Part 1
Show Details21min 57s
25. Make good art
Show Details13min 36s
24. Creative pep talk: Do what you love
Show Details7min 8s
23. Become your own patron
Show Details18min 38s
22. Social media for artists: A fresh perspective
Show Details20min 46s
21. How to overcome decision fatigue and improve your art practice
Show Details19min 55s
Why do you make art?
Show Details11min 57s
19. Best books for new art journalers
Show Details13min 49s
An expressive arts exercise for dealing with overwhelm
Show Details9min 34s
Creative pep talk - You are allowed to rest
Show Details5min 58s
16. The magic of intuitive painting
Show Details18min 20s
15. Finding inspiration for your art
Show Details13min 32s
14. Using art and creativity as touchstones to overcome depression
Show Details17min 31s
13. Time management for artists and creatives
Show Details20min 17s
12. Creative pep talk - your art is relevant
Show Details8min 27s
11. 9 tips to help you succeed at the 100 day project
Show Details15min 30s
Art with Soul - Ep 10 - 5 of my top tips to teach yourself a new art style
Show Details18min 25s
Art with Soul - Ep 9 - Working in a series
Show Details12min 33s
Art With Soul - Ep 8 - How to silence your inner critic and create fearlessly
Show Details9min 40s
Art with Soul - Ep 7 - Visibility and the artist - Part 2
Show Details24min 12s
Art with Soul - Ep 6 - Visibility and the artist - Part 1
Show Details17min 41s
Art with Soul - Ep 5 - The Power of Visual Language
Show Details15min 50s
Art with Soul - Ep 4 - How to overcome artists block
Show Details18min 45s
Art with Soul - Ep 3 - How to create a regular art - or creative - practice
Show Details24min 5s
Art with Soul - Ep 2 - Living a creative life
Show Details12min 32s
Art With Soul - Ep 1 - My Artist's Journey
Show Details11min 37s
Art with Soul: Introduction
Show Details4min 39s