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The Empowered Woman - Badass & Unfiltered

The Empowered Woman-Badass & Unfiltered inspires, empowers and educates women.

Providing tips on personal development, business, productivity, mindset, healing and life.

Showing women they can still be a badass, make a difference in the world, leave a legacy, you name it.

Listen in as the host Olivia interviews BADASS women from all over the world weekly. As a Certified Transformational Success Coach she also does solo podcasts bi-weekly.


S9:E5 - Helping Women Leave Abusive Relationships and The Power of Prayer with Forensic Psychologist Marcia Roberts - Most Impactful Guest
Show Details35min 18s
S9:E4 -Is Franchise Ownership Right for You? with Franchise Matchmaker Diane Pleuss- Most Impactful Guest
Show Details21min 29s
S9:E3- Learning to Love Yourself After Recovery with Entrepreneur & Author Andrea Moses
Show Details31min 26s
S9:E2- Unleash The Beast Within with Mindset Transformation Coach Jayme Shiarla - Most Impactful Guest
Show Details37min 15s
S9:E1- Most Impactful Guest - Serial Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer Amanda Mirus
Show Details34min 23s
S8:E16 - Season 8 Recap and What's Coming Next
Show Details16min 13s
S8:E15 - How My Pregnancy Is Going and The Crazy Things People Have Said to Me
Show Details11min 59s
S8:E14 - Control the Stories You're Telling Yourself with Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Podcast Host Meg Heppner
Show Details58min 52s
S8:E13 - Monetize Your Youtube in 6 Months with Mariam Adepoju
Show Details42min 38s
S8:E12 -Helping Nonprofits and Businesses Better Serve Their Communities with Brittaney Jenkins
Show Details33min 33s
S8:E11 - At Some Point It's Going to Have to Be Your Time
Show Details9min 59s
S8:E10 - Your VulnerABILITY is Your Superpower with Catriona Evans
Show Details49min 34s
S8:E9 -Don't Forget to Breathe - Mindful Breaks to Beat Stress with Author,Life Balance Coach, Therapreneur & Podcast Host Shonda Moralis
Show Details34min 24s
S8:E8-How to Have a Good Divorce with VP of Global Marketing Operations at Google, Author and Mother Sarah Armstrong
Show Details37min 4s
S8:E7 - Make Your Healing and Priority with Entrepreneur and Author Kyonna Brown
Show Details41min 44s
S8:E6 -Using Focused Creativity to Build Your Life with Kristina Snyder
Show Details38min 41s
S8:E5 - 20 Lessons My 20's Taught Me
Show Details25min 55s
S8:E4 -Reclaim Your Personal Power & Live Your Truth with Professional Psychic Medium and Author Sheila Vijeyarasa
Show Details33min 58s
S8:E3 - Mental Health & Healing for Educators with Erica Alcox
Show Details52min 5s
S8:E2 - Take Your Business To The Next Level with Michelle Nedelec
Show Details45min 29s
S8:E1 - Handling Rejection with Confidence with Actor and Model Aaron Marcus
Show Details39min 15s
S7:E18 - Season 7 Recap and What's Coming Next
Show Details12min 16s
S7:E17 - Journey to Contentment
Show Details10min 18s
S7:E:16 - Becoming the Best Version of Yourself Regardless of Your Background with Leticia Garcia
Show Details34min 29s
S7:E15 - How to Get Your "Stuff" Together
Show Details12min 44s
S7:E14 - IEP and 504 Plan Battles | Advocating for Our Future with Education Attorney Catherine Michael
Show Details32min 5s
S7:E13 - Healing from Abuse and Living a Genuinely Joyful Life with Danger Expert, Author, and Badass Grandma CJ Scarlet
Show Details56min 34s
S7:E12 - How to Get Back on Track
Show Details13min 32s
S7:E11 -Find Out How Your Team is Wired to Achieve and Take Your Team to the Next Level with The Audacious Confidence Growth Expert Alicia Couri
Show Details29min 42s
S7:E10 - Turn Your Happiness Into Profit with Educator, Musician, Bestselling Author, and the Founder of ClientJam™ Dr. Pelè
Show Details28min 4s
S7:E9 - 5 Tips To Stop Being A Control Freak
Show Details15min 39s
S7:E8 -Aging Backwards for Women 42 and Up with Everyday Biohacking Mentor Nira Roche
Show Details35min 13s
S7:E7 -Experience Triumph-N-Trauma Dr. Anissa Reilly
Show Details34min 8s
S7:E6 - 5 Lessons I Wish I Didn't Have To Learn The Hard Way
Show Details6min 44s
S7:E5 -From Rock Bottom to Self-Made Multimillionaire CEO Yassin Hall
Show Details37min 56s
S7:E4 - Health Benefits of Genetic Testing & The Power of Protein with NutriTots CEO Dr. Hailey Arnold
Show Details35min 55s
S7:E3 -Healing From Betrayal and Trusting Again with The Founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute Dr. Debi Silber
Show Details28min 24s
S7:E2- How To Be Your Authentic Self as An Empath
Show Details7min 34s
S7:E1 - Advice From a 6 Figure Copywriter - My Write Hand Woman - Lucy Bedewi
Show Details29min
S6:E26 - Season 6 Recap and What's Coming In Season 7
Show Details17min 33s
S6:E25 - What I've Learned After 1.5 Years of Podcasting and Almost 100 Episodes
Show Details12min 33s
S6:E24 - Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions About Being A Transformational Success Coach
Show Details13min 7s
S6:E23 - Life as a Kingdom Entrepreneur - The Woman Behind the Brand with Graphic & Web Designer, Speaker, and Author | Brittnee N Smith
Show Details38min 7s
S6:E22 - Affirmations and Scripture for Kingdom Entrepreneurs
Show Details9min 22s
S6:E21 -Listen to This Before Buying From Smile Direct Club with Two Front Founder Dr. Ingrid Murra
Show Details27min 55s
S6:E20 - Prep-work is Everything! Tips to Become More Organized as a Female Entrepreneur or Content Creator
Show Details10min 30s
S6:E19 -Live an Abundant Life Being You with Intuitive Business Coach Amber Frelin
Show Details47min 49s
S6:E18 - Relentless Glory
Show Details4min 42s
S6:E17 - Secure Your Financial Future with Financial Coach Liz Sowers
Show Details48min 15s
S6:E16 - Building Self Discipline
Show Details10min 9s
S6:E15 - A Message From a Ukrainian Business Woman Who's Helped Over 120 Women Flee Ukraine - Anastasia Vladychynska
Show Details35min 15s
S6:E14 - Holding Space For Your Emotions
Show Details15min 55s
S6:E13 - Overcoming Depression as an Entrepreneur and mother with Shamandrian Shankle
Show Details42min 3s
S6:E12 - How to Get Through What You're Going Through Faster
Show Details13min 6s
S6:E11 - Live a Laptop Lifestyle Selling Products on Amazon with Business Mogul Shaahin Cheyene
Show Details29min 3s
S6:E10 - What is Your Enough Question?
Show Details6min 36s
S6:E9 - An Open and Authentic Conversation about Entrepreneurship with Business Coach Vanessa Zamy
Show Details49min 52s
S6:E8 - Organize Your Life for Service Based Female Entrepreneurs and Content Creators
Show Details7min 19s
S6:E7 - "Don't Just Sit There, Do Nothing" Author Jessie Kanzer
Show Details50min 39s
S6:E6 - Productivity, Mindset and Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Your Benefit for Female Entrepreneurs and Content Creators
Show Details12min 48s
S6:E5 - Making the World a Better Place with TEDx Speaker Marla Bautista
Show Details51min 53s
S6:E4 - How I Manifested My Husband Without Knowing It
Show Details10min 44s
S6:E3 - Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee with The 'Franchise Fitter' Diane Pleuss
Show Details47min 1s
S6:E2 - Quick Tips to Turn Your Day Around
Show Details13min 33s
S6:E1 - Taming Your Triggers with Host of Your Parenting Mojo Jen Lumanlan
Show Details50min 57s
S5:E21 - Season 5 Recap and Season 6 Projection
Show Details18min 50s
S5:E20 - Mindfulness for High Achieving Women with Jessica G The Zen Mommy
Show Details44min 43s
S5:E19 - Transform Your Life in 2022 and Beyond
Show Details12min 29s
S5:E18 - Top Secrets of Successful Women
Show Details20min 34s
S5:E17 - How to Remain Consistent With Your Goals When You Aren't Seeing Results
Show Details12min 44s
S5:E16 - Running a Successful Business as a Mother to Special Needs Children with Life Strategist Charmaine Fuller
Show Details47min 34s
S5:E15 - Transform Your Mindset To Achieve Your 2022 Money Goals with Certified Money Breakthrough Coach Evakarin Wallin
Show Details41min 29s
S5:E14 - Become a Better Leader in 2022 with Executive Coach Kelly Beattie
Show Details38min 43s
S5:E13 - From Workaholic to Work life Harmony with Yvonne Dam
Show Details37min 48s
S5:E12 - Married 7 Times - Jo Ann Richards' Story
Show Details54min 14s
S5:E11 - Discovering Your Winners Strategy with Author and Entrepreneur Stephenie Zamora
Show Details39min 1s
S5:E10 - Best Way to Set Your Goals For 2022
Show Details12min 59s
S5:E9 - Overcoming Addiction and Generational Curses with Recovery Coach & Ancestral Clearing ® Practitioner | Elizabeth Kipp
Show Details44min 59s
S5:E8 - Achieve Your Next Level Fitness Goals with Award-Winning Wellness Expert Louise Valentine
Show Details41min 37s
S5:E7 - Coming Back Stronger After a Setback with Transformational Business and Life Coach Michelle Boulé
Show Details46min 3s
S5:E6- Goal Setting for Legacy Builders with Peak Performance Coach Lillian Victoria
Show Details47min 41s
S5:E5 - What is Intuitive Work Really? Interview with After-Life Connection Specialist & Intuitive - Tracy St. Croi
Show Details1hr 3min
S5:E4 - Turning Your Fear into Power with Allison Sutter
Show Details37min 30s
S5:E3 - Build Your Brand with Style Interventionist Patrice Bisiot
Show Details32min 18s
S5:E2 - Interview with Clairvoyant Medium Bernadette Gold | Her Story and Current Events
Show Details51min 12s
S5:E1 - Energy and Spiritual Awakening with Energy Healer Amanda Monnier
Show Details55min 22s
S4:E14 - Season 4 Recap and What's Coming for Season 5
Show Details7min 45s
S4:E13 - Master Your Money With Certified Mindset Money Coach Ilana Jankowitz
Show Details40min 57s
S4:E12 - Stop Emotional Eating with Weight Loss Coach Jillian Lama
Show Details45min
S4:E11 - Top 6 Lessons I've Learned in Marriage
Show Details13min 29s
S4:E10 - Transform Your Marriage with Yana and Rick Gil De Montes
Show Details50min 12s
S4:E9 - From Denny's to Diamonds with America's Most Sought-After Real Estate Investor Dwan Bent-Twyford
Show Details44min 8s
S4:E8 - Love The Body You're In with Intuitive Eating Coach Victoria Evans
Show Details29min 59s
S4:E7 - The One Relationship You Need!
Show Details1hr 9min
S4:E6 - Turn Up Your Marriage with The Wives Confidante Teleshia Delmar
Show Details41min 10s
S4:E5 - Get Your Dream Job - Tips From Elite Career Coach Danielle Cobo
Show Details42min 42s
S4:E4- Being a Successful Woman with a Healthy Marriage with Michele Replogle
Show Details56min 58s
S4 E3: Start That Business - Advice From TEDx Speaker and HerSuiteSpot Founder Marsha Guerrier
Show Details43min 37s
S4 E2: Get Your Money Right With Business Wealth Strategist Anwin Mbah
Show Details34min 37s
S4 E1: Intro to Season Four
Show Details3min 11s
S3 E:13 - Stay at The Top of Your Game - Fashion Model Christi Gereau
Show Details1hr 14min
S3 E:12 Business and Life Advice From Self-Made Millionaire Nicolene Elhadad
Show Details46min 56s
S3 E:11 These 10 Lessons Shaped My Life | Father's Day Tribute
Show Details14min
S3 E:10 How God Saved My Life When Trying to Commit Suicide | Kathy LaFollete's Story
Show Details57min 47s
S3 E:9 - Interview With In Kidz Diversity Box Founder Dr. Zee
Show Details48min 39s
S3 E:8 - Business, Relationships, Politics and Pop Culture with UK Entrepreneur Lucy Mowatt
Show Details58min 6s
S3: E7 - The Millennial Entrepreneur Grind and Life Chat With Sharayah Walker
Show Details1hr 6min
S3: E6 - What It Takes To Become a Meteorologist As a Military Wife and Mother of Two with Weather Woman Amy Metz
Show Details35min 10s
S3 E:5 Stripper Gone Rogue - From Exotic Dancer to Energy Healer
Show Details52min 5s
S3 E:4 Andrea Moses's Story of Recovery From Drug Addiction
Show Details27min 28s
S3 E:3 Healing and Self-Awareness with a Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer
Show Details49min 49s
S3 E:2 The Effects of Each Parenting Style and Social Media in 2021
Show Details49min 5s
How to Turn Your Day Around When You Feel Like Dying
Show Details9min 16s
S2 E18: - Big Changes Coming Soon
Show Details23min 40s
S2: E17 Holistic Ways of Healing From Physical & Emotional Pain
Show Details58min 58s
S2 E16 - How to Build A Sustainable Fashion Brand
Show Details45min 19s
S2 E15: Love Money Purpose and Mindset
Show Details47min 17s
S2 E14: How to Book Keynote Speakers for Your Virtual Events
Show Details45min 6s
S2 E13: The Power in Sharing Your Story
Show Details59min 31s
S2 E12 Road Families with Ashley Colvin
Show Details28min 20s
S2 E11: Holistic Healing After Losing A Child
Show Details59min 16s
S2 E10: God Will Make A Way for Your Calling!
Show Details32min 2s
S2 E9: Human Design in Business with Kris Prochaska
Show Details1hr 1min
S2 E8: Holistic Ways to Cope With Sjögren’s Syndrome
Show Details26min 50s
S2 E7: The Truth About Life Coaching and Self-Awareness
Show Details46min 31s
S2 E6: Rock Your Resilience with Robyn Koenig
Show Details44min 56s
S2 E5: Live with More Love, Peace and Prosperity with Tahsha Bennett
Show Details43min 52s
S2 E4: Work Life Balance with Vered Lerner
Show Details54min 32s
S2 E3: Empowering Our Young Girls with Melody Pourmoradi
Show Details34min 55s
S2 E2: Imposter Syndrome with Amber & Olivia
Show Details29min 58s
S2 E1: Taking The Leap with Wani Manly
Show Details37min 45s
S1 Speaking Your Truth with Amy Turner
Show Details44min 19s
S1 From Disenchanted Princess to Empowered Queen with Sparrow Spaulding
Show Details54min 13s
S1 Overcoming Money Blocks With Bonnie Gayle
Show Details46min 35s
S1 E0: Intro - Who Are We and What is This Podcast About Anyway?!
Show Details14min 20s
S1: How to Leave an Abusive Relationship with Marcia Roberts
Show Details1hr 9min
S1: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Black Woman in Business with Tisa Sanders
Show Details49min 7s
S1: How to Handle Mom Shame in 2020 with Ashley O'Brian
Show Details27min 56s
S1: Rebuilding Your Life After Drug Addiction with Lori
Show Details32min 20s