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Security Bits

Have you ever wondered about getting into Cybersecurity or Information Technology? Have you wondered about the latest developments in Industrial Control Systems and Security? If you are open to learning and getting familiar with Information Security and like to get the most unique stories that matter, then Security Bits is the Podcast for you. This Podcast is also available on Video Format on YouTube. Go to for more details.


InfoSec Word of The Day 02 P.A.S.T.A
Show Details1min 29s
InfoSec Word of The Day 01 Sneakernet
Show Details1min 4s
Florida Water Treatment Plant Hacked, Chrome Browser Vulnerability, Security Researchers were targeted, Social Media Etiquette, CISCO’s VPN Flaws, Happy Safe Internet Day and more!
Show Details4min 49s
Covid 19 Vaccine Info Leaks, Siemens releases multiple vulnerabilities, Ubiquiti tells its users to secure their account and more!
Show Details5min 1s
Simplified Security Bits - Ticketmaster agrees to pay $10 million to Crowdsurge, Microsoft release details on SolarWinds Hack, Veritas released a handful of CVEs and Free Boot camp for CISSP Candidates and more!
Show Details10min 54s
Expert in Security - Full Featured Interview with Marco Ayala on various ICS Cybersecurity Topics
Show Details49min 37s
Simplified Security - Supply Chain Bust with Sunburst, Interview with Marco Ayala, Cybersecurity Expert where we discuss several different topics from his humble beginnings in Industrial Control Systems Security, USB Drive in ICS Environment and International Society of Automation and their certification and training.
Show Details14min 58s
Simplified Security - Google Play Core Library Code Execution Vulnerability, Trickbot Evolves to new low levels and Fireeye Breached More!
Show Details13min 7s
Simplified Security -Wordpress Plugins, Fortinet FortiOS System File Leak, Interpol and more!
Show Details12min 42s
Simplified Security - Trailer
Show Details2min 24s