Episode 1

31m | Aug 30, 2021

Welcome everyone to Episode 1 of the ACential Podcast. Join your host, Sean, as he talks about the latest news and announcements related to Anime Central.




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Room Blocks


Our big announcement for this episode is room blocks! Room Blocks for the first 6 hotels will open on September 3rd at Noon Central Time. In this episode, we break down each hotel that is opening on September 3rd, and give you some tips and tricks for booking a hotel for ACen. We also have a guest! Joining us as the first guest of the ACential Podcast is Don Hess, our head of Venue Site Relations. Don discusses his time with Anime Central and what exactly goes into making sure ACen has a convention center to be held in and hotels for our attendees to stay in


We close the episode with some viewer comments about their favorite hotels.


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