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Welcome to Black Box. Hosts Jon Palmieri and Ahmed Shata dive into some commonly spoken-about topics in our social environment and try to understand why things happen the way they do. Black Box topics may be complex or mysterious, but we’ll bring a unique perspective using statistics and stories each episode. Episodes can cover a range of topics from social media trends, relationships and investing. Tune in to listen to two guys in their twenties talk about life.


Run & Hide Taproom Grand Opening
Show Details55min 11s
The Big Mind Guy: Dr. Victor Manzo Jr.
Show Details45min 39s
Blayne Macauley: Day Trading, FinTwit and more
Show Details41min 31s
Pro-Athlete Turned Financial Advisor
Show Details44min 34s
Section 8 Housing
Show Details40min 7s
Coaching College Basketball
Show Details59min 35s
Multi-family Real-estate -> Financial Freedom
Show Details55min 13s
Post-college Choices
Show Details50min 29s
DodgysDD Trading
Show Details34min 44s
Tera Luna Death Spiral & UST Depeg
Show Details38min 40s
The Job Search and Big Announcements
Show Details35min 4s
Grind. Sell. Elevate.
Show Details50min 28s
Does Corporate America Suck?
Show Details56min 2s
CrossFit to the MAX
Show Details45min 28s
Technology Humans and Taste and the Metaverse
Show Details52min 21s
Funeral Homes and The Love Always Project
Show Details58min 34s
Investment Banking: Behind the Scene Look
Show Details50min 45s
Landscaping: The Ups and Downs
Show Details1hr 20min
Better Call Juan: The Path to Law
Show Details59min 8s
Time Management and Boys Talk
Show Details53min 43s
NFL Draft Candidate: Kobe Miranda
Show Details45min 25s
The Boys
Show Details40min 1s
The World of Product
Show Details1hr 23min
Forex Trading
Show Details42min 57s
Construction, Jewelry and Investing?
Show Details1hr 15min
College Sports
Show Details58min 40s
Show Details56min 38s
Video Games, Sports, and Comedy
Show Details37min 53s
Blockchain Extravaganza Part 3
Show Details25min 46s
Blockchain Extravaganza Part 2
Show Details42min 44s
NFT Drop Tomorrow??
Show Details19min 35s
Blockchain Extravaganza Part 1
Show Details40min 12s
Pyo Chai Bubble Tea
Show Details45min 35s
Show Details33min 37s
Crypto & NFTs... Why?
Show Details40min 26s
Clothing Meets Art
Show Details46min 43s
Small-Business Ownership vs. COVID-19
Show Details40min 57s
Just-world Hypothesis or Just-world Fallacy?
Show Details39min
Banking, Real-Estate Development and Airbnb?
Show Details37min 58s
More About Investments, Passive Income and Crypto
Show Details39min 37s
The Medical Journey: From High School to Residency
Show Details34min 58s
The World of Hip Hop: An Interview with Dan Rossi
Show Details1hr 2min
Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Kahlil Francis
Show Details30min 57s
Chips (Not the Potato Kind)
Show Details39min 16s
Crypto Talk
Show Details30min 49s
We LOVE Costco
Show Details21min 13s
Show Details18min 16s
The Workplace
Show Details42min 3s
Getting Older
Show Details28min 36s
Show Details26min 17s
A Crazy Life Story
Show Details39min 24s
Childhood Reminiscing...
Show Details31min 56s
Is College Worth It?
Show Details35min 59s
Money, money, money
Show Details34min 13s
Our Careers
Show Details28min 18s
Time Management
Show Details27min 7s
Stonk Talk
Show Details45min 35s
Rona: A Year in Review
Show Details1hr 1min
Okay Boomer
Show Details49min 55s
What's Love?
Show Details56min 39s
Like, Comment and Subscribe
Show Details40min 49s
Black Box - Official Trailer
Show Details1min 40s