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Real Estate Homies

Dippidi Co-Founder, Austin St. Jean, is on a mission to fuel his curiosity about real estate by interviewing his homies in the industry about their successes in sales, marketing, investing, leadership, and the real estate market overall.


Episode 11 - Brian & Rebecca Hamaoui
Show Details30min 4s
Episode 10 - Graham Tracey
Show Details27min 15s
Episode 9 - Trevor York
Show Details47min 7s
Episode 8 - Charles Burgess
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 7 - Candy Bowen
Show Details57min 35s
Episode 6 - Tony Cobarrubia
Show Details41min 37s
Episode 5 - Michael McKenna
Show Details41min 35s
Episode 4 - Mark Raumaker
Show Details26min 12s
Episode 3 - Andy Dane Carter
Show Details43min 43s
Episode 2 - Brooks Landry
Show Details31min 39s
Episode 1 - Ed Stulak
Show Details52min 16s