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Host Logan goes over all kinds of topics in both interviews and monologues, primarily focused on how people confront both modern and timeless challenges. Side content includes misconception busting episodes and fiction writing discussion.


My Political Biases and Overall Ideology
Show Details40min 23s
Rising Anti-Semitism and Anti-Asian Hate in America: Why it doesn't belong.
Show Details19min 23s
Democrats, Republicans, The Media and the Road to Serfdom (Warining: Profanity)
Show Details36min 24s
Netflix' The Punisher Season 1 Review
Show Details14min 21s
What To Do If You Have Mental Illness (Warning, Profanity)
Show Details22min 5s
Why Cosmology and Quantum Physics are Relevant
Show Details21min 28s
Capitalism Part 2: Technosocialism
Show Details11min 6s
Capitalism Part 1: Understanding The Finance Industry
Show Details23min 39s
Podcaster Vs YouTuber Pros and Cons
Show Details18min 36s
Major Misconceptions Episode 1: The War in Afghanistan
Show Details20min 11s
Quarter Life Crisis Part 1: The Nature and The Challenges
Show Details38min 22s
Welcome to the Zerosurdity Podcast
Show Details15min 4s