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Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made is a Business Strategy Podcast for young and old entrepreneurs to share countless mistakes made from 5 to 9 Figure Business Owners and investors. Everyone learns from mistakes, smart people learn from the mistakes of others. Use our shared stories to save yourself time, stress, energy, and money.


$900,000? No Thanks, I'd Rather..
Show Details17min 54s
$100,000 In A Single Day
Show Details20min 4s
Amateur Hour
Show Details8min 55s
Business Owners DO NOT Work For Money
Show Details7min 44s
Playing Small Cost Me $21,000+
Show Details12min 12s
Losing $95,000 ($25,000 Cash) in College
Show Details12min 23s
Losing a $10,000 a Year Pension at Age 18
Show Details12min 46s
Introduction to the Podcast
Show Details6min 5s