Endie Fiya: LIVE with Award Winning Christian Hip-Hop Artist ~ William T. Starzz

Season 6 | Episode 39
1h 11m | Oct 24, 2022
Born in Virginia in 1979, as William Taylor Womack Jr., the name “Starzz”, derived from an alias used during his extensive music career as a member of the secular rap group “Created Equal”. He found Christianity at the age of 33, thus ultimately leaving the music scene altogether. While away from the industry, he completed college earning an Associate's degree and is now pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Counseling in the field of Theology. Still called by his in-grained love for music and his new found love for Jesus Christ, he re-discovered his intrinsic talent for rapping the gospel message. In 2020, he emerged as one of the music industries top independent artist, with his first Christian Hip Hop music production "Going In" earning him 11 award nominations and winning 8 in categories varing from Gospel Artist of the Year, Top Song of the Year, to Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year. William T Starzz has achieved international recognition and has received accolades in both the secular and gospel music industry making him an instant name to be mentioned amongst the leading. He independently released three official singles “Going In” produced by T-Rifik and “It Will Be Fine” produced by IQ/M2C, and his latest single that is "Go Off" (Instead) which is currently thriving worldwide throughout the gospel and secular music circuit. He and his team at GG2G Afflilated has created an international network that reaches the masses with a powerful message reinforcing the strength of an organized matrix. His movement is renowned for the motto we are yelling GG2G (Give Glory 2 God). Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety. Social Media:  @williamtstarzz
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