Endie Fiya: LIVE with the Founders/Directors of AFUNATION RECORDS LLC.

Season 6 | Episode 47
1h 13m | Nov 8, 2022
Devon Anthony Blair Jr. and Latorshia Keair Blair are the Founders/Directors of AFUNATION RECORDS LLC. What separates AR LLC from other businesses in their industry, is that they are a collaborative enterprise with international outreach around the world. Trusted partners are positioned throughout the U.S & overseas (where we’ve established a strong presence) to introduce new revenue streams to a multitude of marketplaces. We offer an array of premium high quality production & industry standard mixing and mastering services, to intercontinental collaborations through our universal outreach platforms designed to get artists heard & involved with other content creators foreign & domestic. Our personal mission is to insert intellectual creativity into non-native demographics adding a unique global value to our portfolio. Bridging the gaps by connecting large swaths of humanity through culture and music is a cathartic release for us. We take deep & great pride in our work ethic and handle all Multi-media Artwork for our clients, in addition to ourselves. Devon Anthony Blair who’s stage name is “Afu Maa Kheru”, is one half of the company, titled, “CEO, President & Founder”, while Latorshia Keair Blair makes up the other half of the company and sits at the top of the structure as “CSO, Executive Director & Founder. They came together in North Carolina as significant others and expanded their relationship into a dynamic duo as the creators and partners of the burgeoning imprint ‘AFUNATION RECORDS LLC’.
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