Endie Fiya: LIVE with Hip-Hop Artist, Rapper, & Producer ~ Cannon Ross

Season 6 | Episode 43
1h 1m | Nov 1, 2022
Cannon Ross, artist and CEO of Ross City Entertainment, hails from Salisbury, North Carolina. He has a very influential background in music, from playing the saxophone, to singing in the church choir, to creating and performing his own creations of hip-hop music alongside his brothers and sister in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, he has emerged as a star to "brighten up the world of music," as we speak. Powerful messages, soft melodies, as well as hype turn up music describe the diverse style of this hardbody who was born for greatness. He hit the scene and in as little as six months has made tremendous progress across the Carolinas with the RCE team surrounding him.
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E.n.d.i.e. Fiya