Endie Fiya: LIVE with Hip Hop Artist ~ RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam

Season 6 | Episode 51
1h 21m | Nov 21, 2022
31 years old Hip Hop artist and Pittsburgh, PA native RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam is blessing the world with his positive lyrics. He plans to bring back the essence of lyricism, storytelling, and knowledge of historical events within the messages in his music. Like a college professor, he opens the enlightenment and self esteem within the Black and Brown community. Having a mother who worked on the news side of Pittsburgh’s radio WAMO for 10-14 years, RapStarr grew up learning the ins and outs of the music business and radio. His love for Hip Hop as an artist began when he was 9 years old. He recalls a time when he bought his first CD, the “8 Mile” Soundtrack by Eminem. (which was very instrumental to his career) RapStarr refers to several of legendary artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent/G-Unit, LL Cool J, 2pac, Lil’ Kim, Nas, DMX and Krs-One as some of his influences growing up. He compares his style of lyrical content to the era of 1990’s and early 2000’s Hip Hop. You can find his songs on ITunes, iHeart, and YouTube ect. Follow him on Twitter @RapStarr412 or like his Facebook music page RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane C.A.M. Follow his Instragram @ItsRap2TheStarr, his TikTok @ItsRap2TheStarr, and his YouTube channel RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam412. In the words of a fan, “RapStarr is real Hip Hop”, and once you listen to his music you will strongly agree. Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety.
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E.n.d.i.e. Fiya