Endie Fiya: LIVE with Southern Soul Artist~ DJ Teddie Bear

Season 6 | Episode 36
1h 11m | Oct 17, 2022
DJ Teddie Bear is a southern soul from South Georgia, living up to his name by delivering high-energy performances that leave the crowds breathless and wanting more! DJ Teddie Bear was born into a musically inclined family to where relatives play several instruments. Blood line driven, naturally DJ Teddie Bear discovered his love of music at a youthful age and also became an exceptional drummer. By the time he was in high school, he was frequently winning local competitions as an avid dancer, even forming his own group called Fresh Rockers, a break dancing crew. Through the spirit of charity and service, he enlisted into the military where he traveled the world. As it was during those times, DJ Teddie Bear became increasingly involved with DJ’ing and beginning his career playing at small family cookouts. Living up to his name, he also continued to put smiles on faces with his contagious kindness by visiting and sometimes volunteering giving back through functions, as well as homeless shelters and orphanages. DJ Teddie Bear's latest musical journey brings out the deep emotional sounds with inherited talent and his touch of southern soul. Having performed hundreds of shows within different levels of entertainment, his repertoire now includes his very own single “Southern Soul Dance”. Mixing classic and familiar vibes that are presented in fresh new ways, intertwined with his southern, soulful style. The new single, Southern Soul Dance, has definitely become the new theme song for soulful parties everywhere. You can hear the influences of Blues, Southern soul, 80’s hip hop, and down south Bass music in his songs. He is trail blazing a new hip sound in southern soul that marries the essence of blues that Southern Soul fans know and love with a slight twist that brings new listeners to southern soul. Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety.
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