3 Films That Have Impacted Everything In Your Adult Life with film producer Helen Simmons (HOARD) - a short film survey looking at the relationship between short and feature film success

54m | Jan 31, 2024

Screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to film producer Helen Simmons about her short film survey that looks into whether there’s a relationship between short and feature film success and "3 Films That Have Impacted Everything In Your Adult Life"

  1. FESTEN (1998)
  2. THE PARENT TRAP (1998)
  3. TREE OF LIFE (2011)

KLOKKENLUIDER (2022) written and directed by Neil Maskell is available for rent via all good HD Digital platforms

HOARD – written and directed by Luna Carmoon is scheduled for release 10 May 2024 

"3 FILMS THAT HAVE IMPACTED EVERYTHING IN YOUR ADULT LIFE" is a podcast by screenwriter Stuart Wright that explores the transformative power of cinema. From emotional masterpieces to thought-provoking classics, each episode delves into the films that have had a profound impact on our personal growth and perspective. Through engaging storytelling, critical analysis, and cultural commentary, Stuart aims to uncover the lasting influence that movies have had on his guests. Please join him on an emotional journey through the world of film and discover how just three movies can change the direction of a life, cement memories you will never forget or sometimes change how you see the world."


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