LIVE: Educational Inequality w/ Bowen Paulle

Episode 11
18m | Dec 20, 2022

In this special live edition of De Dépendance Podcast we listen to a short lecture by sociologist Bowen Paulle on one of the most pressing social issues of our time: educational inequality. In the past education has long served the function of being the 'great equaliser': not your origin or social class, but your talent and effort would determine your level of schooling and future prospects in society. But this engine of emancipation is grinding to a halt. Where you are born and the educational level of your parents increasingly determines the opportunities you get in life. And this growing inequality of opportunity tends to perpetuate or even reinforce itself: it stops intergenerational mobility. So what to do? What are the best practices, scalable solutions and concrete policies to tackle the current divide? And who should take the lead?

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