• Episode 3: Tristen Thai Actually Did This Interview!

    Can you believe it? Kee Min and Will Turner are ACTUALLY shocked that this happened. No question an amazing interview with an amazing talent who was very open and honest. So many great topics were talked about like what it is like being an Asian American not only in wrestling but in life in general, how Thai got into MLW, how did he discover Professional Wrestling, and so so much more. Kee and Will truly can't thank Thai enough for doing this podcast. But don't you worry the boys #CutTheCheck and its in the mail.

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    Episode Art: Tristen Thai's Twin Brother Ikuro Kwon looking all mean

    Recording Date: 10-24-20

    PS.) I know this is like a month old but Kee Min forgot we had this and I didn't want to bother him about it.

    1h 23m - Nov 20, 2020
  • Episode 2: The Largest Function of The Summer

    Kee Min and Will Turner somehow decided to do this podcast again, we are sorry. After a serious start based on current events the show gets back on a less serious background noise podcast banter programming. Will Turner talks about his Charles The Tiger story he mentioned last show. They get to what the people really want DID KEE MIN KNOW ABOUT NXT UK ALL ALONG? Will's Mom hates HATES Raw Underground and Kee Min saves the show with THE DEFINATIVE WWE SummerSlam 2020 review......................which he didn't actually watch. A jammed pack episode, the longest episode to date even though it is only the second one.

    Episode Art: SummerSlam logo because come on did you hear that review?

    Recoding Date: 8-26-2020

    1h 11m - Sep 3, 2020
  • Episode 1: Big Brains with Small Brain Ideas

    Episode 1: Big Brains with Small Brain Ideas

    Will Turner and Kee Min decided to record a podcast at 12:30 am on a Sunday night. They mindlessly banter and ramble about a whole bunch of topics for an hour. Giving background on their wrestling training, a lot of Heavyweight Jordan Oliver talk, what does Kee Min really know about WWE NXT UK? All that and more in the first episode of this podcast no one should ever listen to!

    Episode Artwork: It's a picture of Cactus Jack being sad, the same face i'm making as I actually write and post all this stuff for this podcast.

    Originally Recorded August 16th 2020

    1h 1m - Aug 23, 2020
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