The Hoop Ball Los Angeles Lakers Podcast

A show hosted by Ethan Norof and J.C. DeLeon, this is the official Hoop Ball Los Angeles Lakers podcast. The show attacks everything Los Angeles Lakers from an informative, engaging, enlightening and amusing set of angles.


Panic! At the Staples Center!
Show Details21min 30s
Season Preview Because It Starts SO SOON
Show Details43min 11s
It's Time for Lakers Basketball, An Intro Into 2021-22
Show Details24min 14s
DJ Inked, The Boys are Back in Town
Show Details26min 23s
Lakers Summer League & The Last 3 Roster Spots
Show Details36min 46s
Lakers Free Agency Day One
Show Details38min 34s
The Lakers' (Off)Season of Uncertainty
Show Details31min 58s
A Space Jam Review
Show Details20min 53s
Is Ben Simmons Next Up in Lakerland?
Show Details37min 47s
That's a Wrap on an Injured Year
Show Details31min 42s
An Absolute Disaster
Show Details16min 39s
AD Wakes Up, Lakers Tie Series at One
Show Details28min 33s
Another Lakers Game One Feel-Out
Show Details23min 45s
LeBron Delivers the Lakers from Purgatory
Show Details19min 25s
Yep, They're in the Play-In
Show Details27min
Lakers in the play-in?
Show Details20min 11s
AD Dominates, Lakers Ready to Turn The Corner?
Show Details24min 10s
(Not) Just Another Day in Lakerland
Show Details24min 34s
Lakers Miss LeBron, Still
Show Details25min 18s
Anthony Davis is Back!
Show Details23min 24s
Lakers Didn't Crater without Bron and AD
Show Details28min
Narrow Loss in Miami, Reflecting on Drummond
Show Details22min 28s
What's Up In LakerLand? That's a Loaded Question
Show Details21min 24s
Drummond Set to Debut
Show Details31min 55s
Andre Drummond Come on Down
Show Details14min 18s
Down Goes the King
Show Details25min 22s
Lakers Post All-Star Break Plans
Show Details26min 22s
Can The Real Los Angeles Lakers Please Stand Up?
Show Details29min 51s
Steamrolling the Blazers and Warriors
Show Details33min 25s
The Lakers Can't Give What It Takes
Show Details18min 52s
Losing 2 of 3
Show Details34min 7s
Anthony Davis Has an Achilles Problem, But Not a Tear
Show Details21min 28s
Trade Rumors Galore, Overtimes Galore Too
Show Details41min 51s
3 Wins in a Row, Dominant Defense on Display
Show Details30min 19s
The Block is Hot
Show Details28min 33s
Back-to-back Losses... WHAT?!
Show Details35min 42s
Kobe Tribute on the 1-Year Anniversary of Passing
Show Details23min 44s
Lakers Beat Bucks, Crush Bulls
Show Details28min 12s
Challenges Await in the Central Division
Show Details24min 46s
Lakers Breaking Teams Now
Show Details35min 4s
Streaking on Defense, Anthony Davis Gets Serious
Show Details41min 56s
7-3 First 10 is Absolutely Fine
Show Details29min 43s
Rematch Sweep in San Antonio
Show Details45min 17s
Weekly Review, End of Week 1
Show Details39min 42s
Lakers-Clippers Crossover and Game 1 Preview
Show Details1hr 2min
Let's Talk Talen Horton-Tucker
Show Details37min 22s
THT Firepower, Preseason in Action
Show Details54min 27s
Where Does Kyle Kuzma Fit | Preseason in a Week | Special Guest Harrison Faigen
Show Details1hr 16min
AD, Bron Here to Stay with Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation
Show Details1hr 3min
Post Free Agency Wrap!
Show Details57min 6s
Welcome Dennis Schroder
Show Details37min 24s
The Champs Return, NBA is Coming Back!
Show Details51min 52s
Lakers Win the *&^%ing Title
Show Details38min 26s
One Game Away!
Show Details31min 21s
Lakers Biff Game 3
Show Details23min 45s
Game 2 Recap & Game 3 Lookahead
Show Details24min 51s
Three Wins Away
Show Details33min 11s
Lakers are in the Finals!
Show Details40min 6s
Lakers take Game 4, one win away from Finals
Show Details32min 37s
Lakers Dump Game Three
Show Details22min 57s
Anthony Davis Yells, "KOBE!"
Show Details34min 15s
Helloooooooo 1-0!
Show Details36min 37s
Western Conference Finals FINALLY!!
Show Details31min 36s
Defensive Clinic leads to Commanding 3-1 Lead
Show Details25min 8s
LeBron, King of Playoff Wins Now, Too
Show Details27min 42s
Rajon Rondo! Now That's What I'm Talkin' About! Lakers Even Series 1-1
Show Details25min 10s
Is It Game 2 Yet?
Show Details36min 37s
Who's Next?
Show Details21min 43s
Big Win on Kobe day!
Show Details36min 51s
Davis Dominates, Lakers Roll!!
Show Details35min 5s
Lakers Bubble Wrap-up
Show Details37min 13s
Bubble Struggles
Show Details31min
The Week Ahead for the 1-1 Lakers | Waiters Island
Show Details34min 44s
Lakers Beat Clips, A Restart Game 1 Recap
Show Details34min 34s
Thoughts from the Bubble As Scrimmages Begin
Show Details35min 31s
Resumption Roster Chat with Emile of HardwoodHype
Show Details55min 19s
A Crossover Event as NBA Heads to Disney
Show Details46min 24s
NBA is Coming Back, Lakers in Drivers Seat
Show Details28min 10s
Lakers on the Extended All Star Break
Show Details34min 22s
A Kobe Tribute Show
Show Details27min 28s
Mid January Is Here, Lakers Still Atop the Heap
Show Details37min 58s
New Year, Refresh the Story
Show Details35min 36s
The Losing Streak, The New Win Streak, and 2020 Ahead
Show Details46min 58s
Lakers Tied With Bucks Atop The League
Show Details37min 6s
Preview-Review Show! Another Win Streak Being Built!
Show Details30min 41s
Preview-Review Show! Homecomings, Injuries, Caruso...
Show Details31min 59s
The Lakers Arduous Road Ahead
Show Details26min 46s
Lakers Squeak by the Memphis Grizzlies to Keep the Streak Alive!
Show Details34min 11s
Lakers Beat Thunder At Home To Extend Win Streak To 5
Show Details25min 34s
Lakers Leading The Pack In The Western Conference at 11-2, Kuzma/Rondo Gaining Confidence
Show Details30min 34s
Guava Pineapples, Kuzma's Romp, Rondo's Role and a 1st Place Start
Show Details32min 11s
Postgame: Lakers fall to Raptors, now 7-2
Show Details29min 41s
Postgame - Lakers Rough up the Heat, are now 7-1
Show Details27min 17s
A 3-0 Road Trip with a Comeback to Boot!
Show Details29min 40s
From 0-1 to 3-1, Lakers are Feeling Fine
Show Details24min 51s
Lakers Drop Opener to Clippers, but All is Not Lost
Show Details28min 38s
Preseason Wrap, Season Begins!
Show Details34min 11s
Lakers and Clippers Crossover Super-Show
Show Details54min 31s
Lakers Roster Flexibility, Avery Bradley Redemption & Kuzma's Foot
Show Details29min 52s
Lakers Training Camp Preview
Show Details26min 34s
Dwight Howard ... StayD12?
Show Details29min 39s
Emergency Boogie Cousins Show
Show Details21min 50s
Kuzma's Hair, The Rich Paul Rule & LeBron's MiniCamp
Show Details41min 29s
First Five
Show Details18min 3s
Free Agency Wind-Down with Darius Soriano
Show Details1hr 1min
Point LeBron, Bradley's Redemption
Show Details55min 38s
Kawhi is a Clipper, Lakers Sign 7 Guys
Show Details55min 20s
The Kost of Kawhi Leonard
Show Details48min 18s
Pre-Free Agency Special with Trevor Lane
Show Details57min 51s
THT, DAR & Other Rumors
Show Details54min 38s
Anthony Davis Trade, Part 2
Show Details37min 21s
Anthony Davis Trade, Part 1
Show Details40min 55s
The Anthony Davis Hype Show
Show Details33min 38s
A Bumpy 2-0 Weekend
Show Details50min 56s
One Win That Meant a Ton
Show Details43min 9s
Magic Johnson Did Some Admonishing
Show Details56min 33s
If Not for the Spurs, a Great Week
Show Details52min 11s
Rajon Rondo, Brandon Ingram and Chris Paul on Pay-Per-View
Show Details1hr 1min
Game One Preview & Update from a Laker Hater
Show Details1hr 12min
Lakers Preseason Thoughts, Jimmy Butler is Crazy, Zo's Return
Show Details45min 38s
Lakers Media Day Review
Show Details1hr 2min
Deng, Klay, Kawhi, and Klutch
Show Details39min 49s
Farewell to the Manu Era & Three Guys on Betting
Show Details1hr 22min
LeBron's School, New Jerseys & a Game Show
Show Details1hr 2min
Kawhi Got Traded, So The Lakers Signed Beasley
Show Details54min 20s
LeBron James, The Podcast
Show Details1hr 4min
Kawhi Spurns the Spurs & LeBron SuperTeam Three
Show Details59min 48s
Lakers Superstar Buffet Line
Show Details38min 37s
Andre Ingram, MVP
Show Details50min 46s
Thoughts as the Season Winds Down
Show Details51min 23s
Missing Ingram
Show Details1hr 3min
A Brief Lakers Petty Party
Show Details20min 20s
Luring LeBron by Clobbering LeBron
Show Details43min 10s
Damn Dame
Show Details36min 12s
Release Your Inner Julius
Show Details40min 56s
NBA Standings Purgatory
Show Details59min 33s
Lakers Midseason with Sideline Reporter Mike Trudell
Show Details57min 53s
Emergency Trade Deadline Show
Show Details29min 22s
Hart of a Champion
Show Details41min 31s
King Kuzma & Wild Stories from the League
Show Details59min 20s
The Rise of the Great Caruso
Show Details40min 13s
First Banana, Second Banana
Show Details1hr 1min
Lakers Dukkha
Show Details57min 19s
Harrison Faigen and Lakers Bottoming Out
Show Details47min 24s
Three Games of Slippage
Show Details48min 8s
A Pre-Christmas Lakers Reset Show
Show Details9min 25s
Kobe Jersey Retirement and Another OT Loss to the Dubs
Show Details52min 37s
Lonzo, Randle, and the Future with Anthony Irwin
Show Details48min 9s
Easy Win over Charlotte and Name That Lakers Debut
Show Details1hr
A Gamewinner, A Taunt, and Some Revenge
Show Details44min 24s
December is Going to be Rough
Show Details48min 19s
Dethroning the Champs ... Almost
Show Details49min 22s
Thanksgiving Break
Show Details1hr
It Has Come to This: LaVar and Trump
Show Details1hr 2min