• WhipChat Podcast: Paul Nolan of MidwestWhips

    On this episode of WhipChat we talk with Paul Nolan of:


    We discuss a wide range of topics including his journey into whipmaking and his research and his time talking and learning from the greats of whipmaking. Including a lot of excellent history of Cecil Henderson. But also discusses talking to and learning from many other makers over the years, including people like, Joe Strain, David Morgan, Jim Hurlbud, Janine Fraser, and many others!

    Discussion of the founding of WhipCon and what he sees as the future of whip cracking and whip making.

    Also, he discusses making whips for famous movies such as Django: Unchained, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, The Lone Ranger, The Rundown, and many, many others.

    Also while recording the podcast Paul was tying knots on some whips. After interview he sent me the following pic of the finished whips he was working on

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    2h 15m - Mar 15, 2024
  • WhipChat Podcast: Rich Cottrill Mallory of Whip Co.

    On this episode of WhipChat Podcast we chat with Rich Cottrill of Mallory Whip Co.  

    Rich strives to create a more civilized society, one whip at at time, and explains this on the episode. He also talks about his journey getting into whips and who his mentors are and how he has learned, and is learning still how to make excellent whips. 

    Rich talks a his journey through life and time working with kids in a detention center and working in the ministry as a Worship Director. 

    We dive into some details of how some of his whips are made and how he has solved some issues with construction and grown as a whipmaker. 

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    1h 32m - Mar 8, 2024
  • WC9: Dakota Winrich


    On this episode of Whipchat we chat with Dakota Winrich of DaKitty Whips.

    Dakota has been working at Renaissance Festivals around the county for 30 years, performing whip stunts and knife throwing since the age of 7. She has been featured on the Ellen Show, America’s Funniest Home Vidoes, and America’s Got Talent. She has also set two Guinness World Records.

    Dakota started her nylon whip making business, DaKitty Whips, in 2013.

    Originally offering only lightweight bullwhips before moving on to specialize in the ever popular performance hybrid and of course fire whips.

    Fun facts:

    -She can make a performance hybrid start to finish in less than 2 hours. (If the wax is already melted)

    -She was the first person to market a budget version of a Performance Hybrid in 2017.

    -She has made over 1,500 whips since starting my business.

    -Her whips are being used in at least 15 Renaissance Festival shows, were featured in Cirque De Soleil’s Zumanity, and will be used in an upcoming broadway show.

    Adam Winrich and Dakota Winrich put on the incredible LA WhipCon each year.




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    1h 19m - Feb 29, 2024
  • WC8: Blake Bruning

    On this episode of WhipChat I interview Blake Bruning.

    Blake has been making whips with a fervor and passion I’ve seldom seen. This episode is a bit of a marathon, but worth the listen as we cover the gamut of topics from his journey into whip making including his time learning from Joe Strain.

    He discusses a ton of topics over the nearly 4 hour episode, but topics include:

    The future of Blake and Trinity Whip Co. and what is next for him Blakes

    Discussion of his time and experience with martial arts

    thoughts on running a whip business

    What it was like when he made 500 whips in one year!

    And his thoughts on other whipmakers use of his designs or making similar designs vs helping and sharing knowledge

    To order a whip from Blake he suggests you contact him on Facebook:


    His website is over at:


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    3h 55m - Feb 22, 2024
  • WC:7 Ian Cameron

    On this episode of the WhipChat Podcast we chat with Ian Cameron, 2 time world champion whip cracker from the LA Whipcon. We discuss how he trains and deals with bears.

    E7 - 1h 23m - Feb 15, 2024
  • WC:6 Johnny Ohgren - Book Release!

    This special edition of WhipChat I am joined by my CoHost Sebastian to interview Johnny Ohgren from Witchcraft Whips. Johnny talks about his new book that is now available for preorder and tells us about what is in it. Also we talk about his thoughts on this year's 2024 LA Whipcon where he was one of the judges of the whip making competition.

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    1h 9m - Feb 12, 2024
  • WC5: Blake Gorey

    On this episode of WhipChat I interview Blake Gorey of Smoky Mountain Whips. Blake is is an award winning leather whip maker and the guy behind the iconic whips with the snake head at the transition. Truly an incredible craftsman. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for some bonus content we thought lost!

    Check out Blakes amazing work here:


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    1h 45m - Feb 8, 2024
  • WC4: Christopher Wright and Robin of X1 Whips

    On this episode of the WhipChat podcast I interview Christopher Wright and Robin of X1 Whips. We discuss the creative process of whipmaking and really dig into the business side of making whips. Also is a great section where we discuss way to prevent injuries to yourself while making whips and practice a few stretches 

    The video of the episode can be found on YouTube at:


    Contact X1 Whips through facebook to order you own JB signature whip!



    Also check out Chris' incredible work on IG at:



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    E4 - 1h 22m - Feb 1, 2024
  • WC3: Keith Smith interview

    WhipChat 3 LA WhipCon Interview with Keith Smith and discussion about target work with a long bullwhip!

    29m - Sep 14, 2021
  • WhipChat 2 - LA WhipCon Interview with Johnny Ohgren

    Interview with Johnny Ohgren, about the LA Whipcon, how he got into whips and whip cracking as well as whip making!

    S1E2 - 38m - Sep 14, 2021
  • WhipChat ep1 - Interview with Justin Bereczki about the Virtual LA Whip Con

    WhipChat ep1 - Interview with Justin Bereczki about the Virtual LA Whip Con

    S1E1 - 23m - Sep 9, 2021
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