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History of the American People to 1877

This podcast is for the university course HIST 2003: The History of the American People to 1877. All opinions are my own and this podcast does not reflect the opinions of the University of Arkansas or Northwest Arkansas Community College.


The Communication, Market, and Transportation Revolutioj
Show Details29min 12s
The Lost Cause
Show Details39min 6s
A Fool's Errand: Reconstruction
Show Details45min 21s
The Civil War: The Hard Hand of War
Show Details40min 41s
The Civil War A Very Bloody Affair
Show Details54min 42s
The Secession Crisis
Show Details22min 33s
The Political Crisis of the 1850s
Show Details38min 59s
The Old South
Show Details36min 16s
Manifest Destiny
Show Details37min 21s
The Era of Reform
Show Details32min 57s
The Second Great Awakening
Show Details15min 27s
The Age of Jackson
Show Details35min 56s
The Corrupt Bargain
Show Details14min 30s
The Era of Good Feelings?
Show Details28min 20s
The War of 1812
Show Details18min 4s
Jeffersonian America
Show Details30min 55s
The End of the Federalist Era
Show Details16min 41s
Washington's Presidency
Show Details26min 22s
The Ratification Debates
Show Details17min 2s
The Constitutional Convention
Show Details46min 2s
"A Union Without Power" The Articles of Confederation
Show Details20min 18s
The American Revolution Part 2
Show Details32min 6s
The American Revolution Part 1
Show Details22min 35s
"Upstarts & Rogues" The American Insurgency
Show Details30min 23s
The End of Salutary Neglect
Show Details26min 38s
The French and Indian War
Show Details17min 24s
The Enlightenment & First Great Awakening
Show Details28min 10s
Colonial Slavery
Show Details37min 30s
Diversity & Tolerance in the Middle Colonies
Show Details14min 14s
New England & Native Resistance
Show Details49min 12s
Chesapeake Colonies & Native Resistance Part 2
Show Details33min 51s
Chesapeake Colonies & Native Resistance
Show Details24min 45s
New France & Native Resistance
Show Details25min 44s
New Spain & Native Resistance
Show Details16min 16s
The Spanish Conquest & Native Resistance
Show Details24min 7s
The Expansion of Europe
Show Details21min 43s
Sub-Saharan African Societies to 1650
Show Details20min 42s
Native Societies to 1490
Show Details28min 34s