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Spikenard Culture

My Eastern Life is a podcast capturing the stories of faith leaders in the urban creative core of South Asia


Episode 61 Part 2 The Art of Culture Making with Irving Mulla
Show Details19min 12s
Episode 60 Part 1 The Art of Culture Making with Irving Mulla
Show Details18min 48s
Episode 59 Part 3 Carry the Love Festival Burundi with Jeff Baluku
Show Details32min 37s
Episode 58 Part 2 with Jeff Baluku - Burundi Pamoja Festival
Show Details23min 13s
Episode 57 - Part 1 with Jeff Baluku
Show Details13min 11s
Episode 56 What is the Solution to Fast Fashion with Beulah John
Show Details18min 20s
Episode 55 What is Fast Fashion & Its Effects on Communities with Beulah John
Show Details21min 45s
Episode 54 Need of Ethical Manufacturing in the Fashion Industry with the Saladi Brothers
Show Details33min 34s
Episode 53 Log Kya Sochenge: Fashion Statements with Abeyson
Show Details34min 46s
Episode 52 Log Kya Sochenge: The Fashion Identity Crisis with Abeyson Job
Show Details37min 15s
Episode 51 2022: A Year of Renaissance Creativity
Show Details14min 21s
Episode 50 Do it Afraid: Spikenard Year End Reflection
Show Details15min 4s
Episode 49 The Drive to Passion with Michael Grimes
Show Details16min 55s
Episode 48 Three Tips to Becoming a DOP with Michael Grimes
Show Details21min 54s
Episode 47 December Creative of the Month: Michael Grimes, DOP, Akron Ohio
Show Details27min 24s
Episode 44 Log Kya Kahenge Series Pt.2 with Prakruthi Angelina
Show Details51min 35s
Episode 43 Log Kya Kahenge Series: Why So Judgy with Prakruthi Angelina
Show Details38min 12s
Episode 42 Photography as a Tool of Connection
Show Details9min 30s
Episode 41 Creativity Will Open Doors
Show Details15min 13s
Episode 40 Are you a Guerilla Creative?
Show Details7min 39s
Episode 39 Everything has a Beginning
Show Details7min
Episode 38 Selah
Show Details10min 49s
Episode 37 The Sting of Rejection
Show Details13min 21s
Episode 36 Taking Ownership of Your Choices
Show Details11min 14s
Episode 35 What is India's response?
Show Details10min 14s
Episode 34 In India as in Heaven
Show Details13min 25s
Episode 33 Building Your Brand
Show Details18min 38s
Episode 32 Log Kya Kahenge
Show Details23min 11s
Episode 31 Codependency as a Leader
Show Details21min 28s
Episode 30 The Conflict: Palestine & Israel
Show Details41min 19s
Episode 29 The war on fear has begun
Show Details14min 19s
Episode 28 The Spikenard Story
Show Details15min 14s