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Basic Folk is a podcast with honest conversations between musicians and Cindy Howes, a well-versed public radio host and music curator, and guest host: singer/songwriter Lizzie No. Basic Folk approaches interviews with warmth, humor and insightful questions. This podcast fosters the folk community and showcases a genre that is often misunderstood. Basic Folk features complex conversations about the human experience witnessed from an artistic angle. Our definition of “folk” is extremely broad, so you’ll hear interviews from Amythyst Kiah, Tom Rush, The Lumineers and many more. Basic Folk is dedicated to showcasing the best in folk and roots musicians including BIPOC musicians who have been excluded, or felt like they did not belong, in the folk world. Both Cindy and Lizzie bring unique perspectives to our honest conversations and are dedicated to changing the landscape and the gatekeepers of the folk music community.


Lissa Schneckenburger, ep. 191
Show Details57min 49s
Melissa Carper, ep. 190
Show Details47min 38s
Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country, ep. 189
Show Details1hr 10min
Ondara, ep. 188
Show Details59min 19s
Mali Obomsawin, ep. 187
Show Details1hr 8min
Caroline Spence, ep. 186
Show Details53min 28s
Will Sheff, ep. 185
Show Details59min 34s
Caleb Caudle, ep. 184
Show Details1hr 6min
Brittany Haas, ep. 183
Show Details55min 17s
Amy Ray, ep. 182
Show Details1hr 1min
Ken Yates, ep. 181
Show Details58min 43s
Kyshona, ep. 180
Show Details51min 20s
Lauren Balthrop, ep. 179
Show Details55min 50s
Molly Tuttle, ep. 178
Show Details48min 6s
Peter Mulvey, ep. 177
Show Details59min 9s
Adia Victoria, ep. 176
Show Details57min 59s
Hannah Read, ep. 175
Show Details1hr 6min
Tami Neilson, ep. 174
Show Details59min 44s
Backstage Preview: Willi Carlisle on Field Music
Show Details2min 15s
Willi Carlisle, ep. 173
Show Details58min 48s
Leon Timbo, ep. 172
Show Details1hr 6min
Backstage Preview: Dietrich Strause Friend Hang
Show Details3min 28s
Dietrich Strause, ep. 171
Show Details52min 27s
Edie Carey, ep. 170
Show Details1hr 15min
Cristina Vane, ep. 169
Show Details59min 42s
Grant-Lee Phillips, ep. 168
Show Details1hr 10min
S.G. Goodman, ep. 167
Show Details58min 33s
Richard Thompson, ep. 166
Show Details55min 14s
John Doe, ep. 165
Show Details52min 55s
Backstage Preview: Song Premiere – "Animal" by Jean Rohe
Show Details15min 48s
Steve Forbert, ep. 164
Show Details45min 35s
Lily Henley, ep. 163
Show Details1hr 6min
Grace Givertz, ep. 162
Show Details58min 53s
Amy Correia, ep. 161
Show Details1hr 13min
BF Presents: Why We Write
Show Details40min 23s
Backstage Preview: Amy Helm on Field Music
Show Details2min 19s
Mason Jennings, ep. 160
Show Details56min 25s
Tatiana Hargreaves, ep. 159
Show Details53min 26s
No No Boy, ep. 158
Show Details57min 48s
Brent Cobb, ep. 157
Show Details1hr 4min
Suz Slezak, ep. 156
Show Details57min 2s
Backstage Preview: Hang with Maya De Vitry
Show Details4min 12s
Maya De Vitry, ep. 155
Show Details1hr 14min
Joy Oladokun, ep. 154
Show Details54min 50s
BF Presents: American Songcatcher
Show Details1hr 21min
Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats, ep. 153
Show Details54min 54s
Backstage Preview: Anais Mitchell XLR
Show Details4min 53s
Anais Mitchell, ep. 152
Show Details1hr 26min
Erin Rae, ep. 151
Show Details1hr 7min
Aoife O'Donovan, ep. 150
Show Details58min 40s
Backstage Preview: Aoife O'Donovan 2014 interview
Show Details3min 28s
Tré Burt, ep. 149
Show Details47min 31s
Eliza Gilkyson, ep. 148
Show Details56min 34s
Backstage Preview: Music Hang with Christopher Pappas (The Everyday Visuals)
Show Details4min 52s
MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger, ep. 147
Show Details58min 29s
Brad Kolodner, ep. 146
Show Details58min 12s
Miko Marks, ep. 145
Show Details34min 47s
Dori Freeman, ep. 144
Show Details48min 22s
Valerie June, ep. 143
Show Details54min 57s
Backstage Preview: KT Tunstall, 2013
Show Details4min 18s
Erin McKeown, ep. 142
Show Details1hr 20min
Mary Gauthier, ep. 141
Show Details52min 50s
Buffalo Nichols, ep. 140
Show Details43min 17s
Lizzie No, Jake Blount, Allison Russell + Kaia Kater: neath the banner of the Black eclectic
Show Details1hr 3min
Backstage Preview: Field Music "Lazy John"
Show Details3min 43s
Dar Williams, ep. 139
Show Details1hr 12min
Amy Helm, ep. 138
Show Details58min 19s
Carolyn Kendrick, ep. 137
Show Details1hr 1min
BF Presents: SongWriter with Maia Sharp + Cheryl Strayed
Show Details27min 18s
Martin Sexton, ep. 136
Show Details59min 32s
Alisa Amador, ep. 135
Show Details1hr 12min
Chris Thile, ep. 134
Show Details59min 42s
Paula Fuga, ep. 133
Show Details1hr 11min
BF Presents: Songcraft with Ani Difranco
Show Details1hr 29min
Becca Mancari, ep. 132
Show Details59min 55s
Andrew Marlin (Watchhouse), ep. 131
Show Details59min 41s
Rachel Baiman, ep. 130
Show Details59min 49s
John Hiatt, ep. 129
Show Details48min 26s
Kishi Bashi, ep. 128
Show Details59min 10s
BF Presents: Get Up in the Cool with Adam Hurt
Show Details1hr 20min
Alex Cuba, ep. 127
Show Details52min 54s
Mali Obomsawin of Lula Wiles, ep. 126
Show Details59min 27s
Joe Pug, ep. 125
Show Details45min 41s
Amythyst Kiah, ep. 124
Show Details59min 46s
Denison Witmer, ep. 123
Show Details59min 17s
Sunny War Track x Track, ep. 122
Show Details56min 15s
Phil Moore of Bowerbirds, ep. 121
Show Details55min 41s
Oliver Wood, ep. 120
Show Details49min 33s
Katy Kirby, ep. 119
Show Details58min 23s
Allison Russell, ep. 118
Show Details58min 52s
Tom Rush, ep. 117
Show Details46min 40s
Chris Pierce, ep. 116
Show Details59min 47s
Adam Moss of The Brother Brothers, ep. 115
Show Details49min 14s
Mark Kilianski of Golden Shoals, ep. 114
Show Details56min 32s
David Wax Museum, ep. 113
Show Details1hr 2min
Yasmin Williams, ep. 112
Show Details50min 23s
Kaiti Jones, ep. 111
Show Details56min 6s
Taylor Rice of Local Natives, ep. 110
Show Details52min 42s
Steve Tilston, ep. 109
Show Details1hr 4min
Alec Spiegelman, ep. 108
Show Details1hr 8min
Raye Zaragoza, ep. 107
Show Details1hr 2min
Suitcase Junket: "The End is New" Track by Track, ep. 106
Show Details48min 24s
Patty Larkin, ep. 105
Show Details58min 47s
Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers, ep. 104
Show Details57min 56s
Sadie Gustafson-Zook, ep. 103
Show Details55min 10s
Anjimile, ep. 102
Show Details44min 1s
Cinder Well, ep. 101
Show Details38min 20s
Rose Cousins, ep. 100!!
Show Details1hr 2min
Auyon Mukharji of Darlingside, ep. 99
Show Details54min 23s
Chris Smither, ep. 98
Show Details53min 13s
Almeta Ingram-Miller of The Legendary Ingramettes, , ep. 97
Show Details52min 54s
Kevin Morby, ep. 96
Show Details48min 2s
Shirley Collins, ep. 95
Show Details50min 50s
Lizzie No, ep. 94
Show Details51min
Lori McKenna, ep. 93
Show Details58min 43s
Stella Schindler of Kentucky Avenue, ep. 92
Show Details1hr 25min
Samantha Crain, ep. 91
Show Details52min 3s
Izzy Heltai's “Father” Track by Track, ep. 90
Show Details51min 42s
Brittney Spencer, ep. 89
Show Details50min 40s
Jonatha Brooke's "The Sweetwater Sessions" Track by Track, ep. 88
Show Details1hr 21min
Alex Sturbaum, ep. 87
Show Details46min 16s
Ellis Paul, ep. 86
Show Details1hr 7min
Jamie Fox, ep. 85
Show Details47min 16s
Laura Cortese, ep. 84
Show Details1hr 12min
Forest Sun, ep. 83
Show Details50min 53s
Beatrice Deer, ep. 82
Show Details1hr 2min
Kris Delmhorst, ep. 81
Show Details49min 47s
William Prince, ep. 80
Show Details59min 35s
Tami Neilson, ep. 79
Show Details52min 48s
Ruth Merenda of The Mammals, ep. 78
Show Details1hr 17min
Caitlyn Smith, ep. 77
Show Details49min 12s
Grace Pettis, ep. 76
Show Details1hr 28min
Jake Blount, ep. 75
Show Details54min 23s
Pete Bernhard of The Devil Makes Three, ep. 74
Show Details58min 38s
Isa Burke of Lula Wiles, ep. 73
Show Details51min 29s
Alice Howe, ep. 72
Show Details59min 52s
Danielle Knibbe, ep. 71
Show Details43min 56s
Sunny War, ep. 70
Show Details36min 8s
Nerissa Nields, ep. 69
Show Details44min 4s
Letitia VanSant, ep. 68
Show Details49min
Susan Werner, ep. 67
Show Details50min 50s
Maya De Vitry's "How to Break a Fall" Track by Track, ep. 66
Show Details1hr 5min
Tall Tall Trees, ep. 65
Show Details1hr 13min
Mark Erelli's "Blindsided" Track by Track, ep. 64
Show Details1hr 3min
Anais Mitchell Tribute at Club Passim, ep. 63
Show Details1hr 10min
Jesse Dee, ep. 62
Show Details46min 36s
Nora Jane Struthers' "Bright Light, Long Drives, First Words" Track by Track, ep. 61
Show Details44min 58s
Taylor Ashton, ep. 60
Show Details51min 55s
Kora Feder, ep. 59
Show Details47min 59s
Dave Godowsky, ep. 58
Show Details55min 44s
Leyla McCalla, ep. 57
Show Details1hr 12min
Elisapie, ep. 56
Show Details49min 31s
Crys Matthews, ep. 55
Show Details49min 12s
Amythyst Kiah, ep. 54
Show Details57min 18s
Rachel Lynne LIVE at Club Passim, ep. 53
Show Details39min 17s
Dinty Child LIVE at Club Passim, ep. 52
Show Details55min 50s
Abraham Alexander, ep. 51
Show Details54min 11s
Rebecca Loebe, ep. 50
Show Details51min 27s
Molly Venter of Red Molly, ep. 49
Show Details1hr 2min
Leif Vollebekk, ep. 48
Show Details52min 28s
Jenny Owen Youngs, ep. 47
Show Details52min 45s
Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah The Hills, ep. 46
Show Details48min 41s
Betsy Siggins, ep. 45
Show Details46min 17s
Emily Mure, ep. 44
Show Details49min 23s
Wallis Bird, ep. 43
Show Details52min 57s
Molly Sarle of Mountain Man, ep. 42
Show Details39min 20s
Joe Troop of Che Apalache, ep. 41
Show Details45min 45s
Amanda Shires, ep. 40
Show Details44min 45s
David Huckfelt, ep. 39
Show Details1hr 5min
Johnathan Rice, ep. 38
Show Details54min 29s
Alisa Amador Live at Club Passim, ep. 37
Show Details55min 18s
Melissa Ferrick Live at Club Passim, ep. 36
Show Details51min 45s
Ben Arthur, ep. 35
Show Details48min 40s
Bridget Kearney, ep. 34
Show Details50min 50s
Matt Smith of Club Passim, ep. 33
Show Details46min 31s
Chris Eldridge of The Punch Brothers, ep. 32
Show Details46min 21s
Jim Kweskin, ep. 31
Show Details45min 8s
Corey Laitman, ep. 30
Show Details50min 1s
Zack Hickman, ep. 29
Show Details48min 55s
David Dye, ep. 28
Show Details48min 32s
Izzy Heltai, ep. 27
Show Details51min 43s
Livingston Taylor, ep. 26
Show Details44min 25s
Jenna Nicholls, ep. 25
Show Details50min 47s
Ethan Gruska, ep. 24
Show Details48min 13s
Marissa Nadler, ep. 23
Show Details42min 58s
Jonatha Brooke, ep. 22
Show Details48min 27s
Jocie Adams of Arc Iris, ep. 21
Show Details46min 3s
Bonus: Erin McKeown is Folk Wikipedia
Show Details9min 19s
Erin McKeown, ep. 20
Show Details48min 24s
Bill Deasy, ep. 19
Show Details49min 54s
Edie Carey, ep. 18
Show Details49min 57s
Amy Ray, ep. 17
Show Details52min 27s
KT Tunstall, ep. 16
Show Details46min 51s
Emily Saliers, ep. 15
Show Details47min 21s
Peter Mulvey, ep. 14
Show Details58min 14s
Rachel Sumner, ep. 13
Show Details48min 42s
Mark Dignam, ep. 12
Show Details50min 55s
Maya de Vitry, ep. 11
Show Details45min 39s
Eleanor Buckland of Lula Wiles, ep. 10
Show Details47min 6s
Alex Stanton of townsppl, ep. 09
Show Details46min 10s
Anais Mitchell, ep. 08
Show Details49min 10s
Dawn Landes, ep. 07
Show Details47min 59s
Mark Erelli, ep. 06
Show Details45min 38s
Kaia Kater, ep. 05
Show Details47min 37s
Nora Jane Struthers, ep. 04
Show Details45min 39s
Anna Tivel, ep. 03
Show Details38min 13s
Suitcase Junket, ep. 02
Show Details43min 3s
Ana Egge, ep. 01!!!
Show Details42min 7s
Basic Folk Trailer
Show Details3min 17s