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Smart Blonde

The Smart Blonde podcast is a refreshing look at the world today as a modern woman. No topic is off-guards: relationships, career, sex, sexism, misogyny, friendships, personal development... all of the above. A lighthearted commentary on life.


episode fourteen - taking care of yourself over the festive season
Show Details12min 28s
episode thirteen - processing and dealing with anger
Show Details20min 12s
episode twelve - the magic + practising gratitude
Show Details18min 20s
episode eleven - putting your mental health first with the wonderful Madeleine
Show Details36min 25s
episode ten - halloween special with lovely guest Rachel Feeney
Show Details40min 55s
episode nine - life updates, the new website/merch & practicing gratitude
Show Details13min 33s
episode eight - nighttime routines
Show Details13min 51s
episode seven - dealing with seasonal affective disorder
Show Details16min 57s
episode six - exclusive crossover episode on loss
Show Details1hr 18min
episode five - long covid life
Show Details19min 21s
episode four - putting yourself first
Show Details23min 20s
episode three - the power of mornings
Show Details14min 48s
episode two - habits for health & happiness
Show Details22min 7s
episode one - surviving the first day as a junior doctor
Show Details21min 58s