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Spring Talks

Welcome to Spring Talks, Springfield School Student Council's very own podcast, where we discuss a range of topics from interviews with our teachers and friends, to even mysteries, stories, and event discussions! Tune in if you want to see more of what Spring Talks have to unveil.


Episode #14: Alumni Special 3 - Hotel Management with Katarina Chaturvedi
Show Details37min 33s
Episode #13: Alumni Special 2 - Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering with Genesia Synclaire
Show Details41min 40s
Episode #12: Alumni Special 1 - Life in Australia with Jennifer Chance
Show Details32min 28s
Episode #11: Am I to Blame?
Show Details24min 42s
Episode #10: A Look into Urban Legends
Show Details26min 45s
Episode #9: Happy Valentines Day!
Show Details37min 5s
Episode #8: Luck is in the Air
Show Details40min 32s
Episode #7: The Real Back to School
Show Details31min 41s
Episode #6: Jeremiah 29:11
Show Details29min 43s
Episode #5: Go Queens!
Show Details45min 7s
Episode #4: An EventFALL Discussion
Show Details33min 18s
Episode #3: LOVErsations with Ms. Sondang
Show Details41min 22s
Episode #2: Get Your School Life Together!
Show Details34min 56s
Episode #1: The Adventures of Mr. Sumner
Show Details46min 49s