How to Fight Internalized Capitalism to Increase Your Self-Worth

Season 2 | Episode 270
22m | Mar 28, 2024

Internalized capitalism is the idea that a person's self-worth is directly linked to their productivity. It's a systemic problem that's becoming more pervasive, especially with the popularity of social media. Internalized capitalism can lead to feelings of anxiety and worthlessness when people can't live up to capitalist ideals such as competition, limited resources, and the need to be productive.

On this episode of Go Help Yourself, Lisa and Misty talk about how to identify internalized capitalism within yourself, and what you can do to fight it to increase your self-worth.

The articles mentioned in the episode are linked below:

USA Today

Unbounded Potential

A Better Life Therapy practice

And, if you didn't see Niecy Nash-Betts' Emmy's speech, please enjoy.

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