The Enneagram: How It Can Help You Thrive in Life and Work | Matt Auron

Season 2 | Episode 269
57m | Mar 21, 2024

On this episode of Go Help Yourself, we cover a mammoth topic: The Enneagram. Joining us is Enneagram expert and Executive Coach Matt Auron.

Some key takeaways include:

  • What the Enneagram is + an overview of each of the Enneagram types, including their strengths and shadows
  • How the Enneagram can help you understand yourself, your partner, and your team better
  • What Enneagram “wings” are and how they can help you better understand your Enneagram type
  • Where the Enneagram fits into a larger understanding of yourself (among Myers-Briggs, the Love Languages, Human Design, Astrology, and more)

As a coach and thought-partner for founders and CEOs, Matt combines his 20-year career as an executive, facilitator and investor with a passion for supporting leaders of Evolutionary Businesses. Matt co-founded Evolution to partner with companies to fulfill their purpose as iconic, world-enriching entities, and currently serves as Managing Director. He has worked with Slack, Snapchat, Notion, Radiology Partners, Coursera, CrossCut Ventures, NVA, Glassdoor, Scopely, Density, Winc, and Kleiner Perkins, among many others.

Matt has been trained and mentored by luminaries in the field of organization development such as Peter Block, Chris Worley and Edie and Charles Seashore and continually learns and integrates current thinking into his coaching practice such as neuro-leadership and mindfulness. As an author, Matt has published articles in both academic, peer-reviewed journals as well as trade magazines such as Training and Development. He holds a Master’s degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University where his thesis research was focused on building trust in teams.

If you'd like to work with Matt or Evolution, you can contact them here or learn more at Mention Go Help Yourself for a 10% discount on all services.

You can learn more about The Enneagram at The Enneagram Institute.

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