Episode #6 - The Gospel is Perfect, the People Aren't (Tackling Clichés series)

Episode 6
56m | Oct 16, 2022


We at Latter Day Bridge Builders feel the need and want to expand our hosting backgrounds. In an effort to better build bridges, we are looking for a third host. We are looking for someone who is an active/believing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Preferably we would like to get a woman's voice on the show to have more diversity of thought and experience. If you or someone you know would be interested, please reach out via email to

This hosting opportunity would ideally be a permanent position on the Latter Day Bridge Builders Podcast. We record in Bountiful Utah and would expect a time commitment of about 2 hours every other week. We generally will be recording on Saturday mornings.

In addition to this added position, we are asking our viewers if they would be able to donate some funds for some extra recording equipment, we want to make the transition for a new host as easy as possible. We appreciate the support of our listeners whether it be financial or just listening in. If you have the means and would like to donate you can send a payment to Mitch's Venmo or by clicking the link at the very bottom of the show notes. Our goal with this fundraising is $150 for a microphone, stand and headphones for our new host and/or future guest interviewees. All funds raised will stay within the podcast and are not put directly into LDBB host pockets. If everyone who listens to this episode donated $5 we would exceed our goal. Thank you so much, bridge builders!

In this episode, Mitch and Garrett discuss the cliche often used by members that the church is imperfect, but the gospel is perfect. We talk about what the gospel can be defined as and what good the church does in the world. As well as some of the questions that ex-members have on this subject, because things like doctrine, the gospel, teachings, priciples and policy are sometimes not well defined in the church.

If you have some answers to our questions or have other feedback please send an email to

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